Bringing Up Bates Full Episodes

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 101

Meet the Bates

Gil and Kelly Bates, and their 19 kids, are buzzing about the latest addition to their family; the first Bates grandchild! As the girls prepare to throw a huge baby shower to celebrate, Alyssa gives the family some surprising news of her own and an accident leaves the family shaken.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 102

Courtship & Marriage

Erin invites her siblings over for a sleepover to help ease the transition from a full house to living with only her new husband, Chad. Zach and Whitney get real about becoming parents and Michaella pays a surprise visit to her beau, Brandon, in Texas, with a chaperone in tow.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 103

Bates Go Wild

The whole Bates clan packs up and heads to the great outdoors! If you think packing for your family is hard…try packing for 21! Not everyone loves being in the wild and the entire family has different ideas about what “roughing it” really means.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 201

All Together Again

In the season 2 premiere, the family celebrates their special tradition, “I Love You Day,” with surprise gifts (and surprise guests) for the whole family. Gil and Kelly Jo host a special “game night” just for the couples and everyone joins together to prepare for Alyssa’s baby shower!

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 202

Future In Laws?

Gil, Kelly Jo and Michael head to Chicago to see Brandon’s parents. Brandon corners Gil for a “heart to heart” talk in the most unlikely of places! Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, Erin and the kids rush to redecorate their parent’s bedroom before Gil and Kelly Jo get back.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 203

High Risk, High Hopes

Erin and Chad meet with Dr. Vick to discuss the risk of having a stillbirth and the precautions they must take for the rest of her pregnancy. Later, the couple invites Zach, Whitney and baby Bradley over for dinner while the older boys square off against the younger ones in a giant Airsoft battle!

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 301

Welcome Back Bates

The past year has been one of enormous change and growth for the Bates. In the Season 3 premiere, the Bates clan rallies together to help Michaella finally find the wedding dress of her dreams. Later the family braves a stormy outdoor wedding for Kelly Jo’s sister, and celebrates Gil’s dad, Papa Bill, with an awesome 4th of July birthday party!

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 302

Sweet Tea & Sit Ups

With Michaella’s wedding quickly approaching, Kelly Jo and Gil wager to see who can get in shape to look their best for the big day. While Kelly Jo enlists Tori to motivate her and help with workouts, Gil finds his coach, Lawson, uses a more hands off approach to whip him into shape.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 303

15 Kids and an Empty Nest

With the big wedding just days away the family is busier than ever. Gil and Kelly take the kids to the park for some rollerblading and playground exploring. Erin hosts a laughter filled candle making party for Michaella and her bridesmaids. Nathan, Lawson, and Trace take Brandon on an outing to the skating rink, but an accident on the ice could put the wedding in jeopardy.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 401

Big Family, Big Changes

It’s a season of change for the Bates family with new loves, new careers, and a new grandbaby on the way! But when Gil undergoes a serious medical procedure, it forces everyone to contemplate what the future holds for them all.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 402

Bates Boys Birthday Bash

It’s Trace and Jeb’s birthday and there’s only one rule: no girls allowed! The brothers, who share a birthday and a special bond, plan a party for Bates boys only complete with go carts and ice cream! Meanwhile, Erin and Chad travel to South Carolina to speak to and encourage a group of young girls about female empowerment.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 403

A LOVEly Day

The whole family arrives at the Bates house to celebrate their favorite holiday, “I Love You Day” AND there’s someone new at the table – Tori’s new beau! The family is happy to see Michaella and Alyssa return home, as well as Nathan’s girlfriend, Ashley, who arrives for the celebration to have a very important conversation with Kelly Jo and Gil. Later, at the family’s celebration someone in the family makes a very special announcement!

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 501

Summer Lovin’, Guitar Strummin’ and a Surprise a Comin’!

The Bates are back! It’s a season of new beginnings for the Bates family. The family travels to North Carolina to pick up Warden, Jackson, and Isaiah from sleepaway camp but not without getting a VIP tour from camp counselor and Tori’s boyfriend, Bobby. Could a future courtship be on the horizon for Bobby and Tori? While at camp, the Bates have no idea what they’re in for when they they’re met with a giant scream-inducing swing and some wild water activities! Meanwhile, Lawson’s focused on his music career. He heads back to the studio to record a duet with country artist, Emily Ann. Later, the whole family gathers together for a special dinner and an unexpected guest stops by to surprise the family with a very big announcement!

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 502

Plans, Bands and Mashed Potatoes!

Lots of plans are being made in the Bates household! Kelly Jo is about to turn the big 5-0, so Erin calls a meeting with the siblings to plan for a surprise party. But will the younger kids be able to keep it a secret? The Bates Boys, meanwhile, inspired by their time at basketball camp try to figure out if they can install a real court in their yard. While Lawson, who has big plans for his concert tour, invites his band over for a practice in the living room. Last, as the older girls are moving away and going to college, it’s time for the boys to learn how to cook. Erin invites Warden, the Bates budding Chef, over to her house, to teach him how to cook her favorite recipe.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 503

A Birthday and A Birdie

Not only is the Bates brood growing, but they’re all maturing and reaching new milestones! As the family comes together to celebrate Katie’s turning 16, it’s time for her to finally join in on the Bates girls’ tradition of receiving a purity ring. With the entire family together, Kelly Jo and Gil get to share the good news that they’ve secured a new location for their congregation, Mama Jane gets to meet her new great-grandbabies for the first time, and Papa Bill, Gil and Lawson hit the links to see which Bates is the best golfer.

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 601

Summer of Love

It’s Wedding time – but who is walking down the aisle? Love is blooming for the Bates, with Carlin finding a “special friend” in Evan and Tori and Bobby deepening their bond. And even the married couples have big news, especially Erin and Chad. Will their family be growing by two?

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 602

Road Trip Romance

Carlin and Katie hit the road to spend some quality time with Carlin’s Songwriting Suitor, Evan, and his family. Evan and the girls have some fun at an indoor skating park and the young couple work on a special song for Evan’s family. Will Carlin pass the parent approval test and is a future courtship on the horizon? Meanwhile, Jackson is the next Bates family member in line to get his learner’s permit. Will he prove to be a better driver than his sisters, Josie and Katie?

Bringing Up Bates | Episode 603

Bobby’s Movin’ In

Bobby and Tori are making plans for the future! After he graduates from college, Bobby is hoping to move from Florida to Tennessee to be closer to Tori. Before he makes a final decision, he heads to Knoxville to interview for jobs and look for a place to live. And in an effort to add a little structure to Jud and Jeb’s roughhousing, Kelly Jo takes the boys to a martial arts class. Later, Bobby and Tori discuss their future timeline with Gil and Kelly Jo over dinner. Is an engagement on the horizon?

Expecting Full Episodes

Expecting | Episode 100


Expecting gives audiences a peek into one of life’s rawest and most exciting journeys in a never-before-seen television event. With unprecedented intimacy, we witness the highs and lows as different couples, along with their families and friends, experience the journey to parenthood with no camera crews or producers. Using Go-Pros, fixed rigs, and self-shot confessionals, Expecting brings viewers a ground-breaking way to experience reality TV.

Small Town, Big Mayor Full Episodes

Small Town, Big Mayor | Episode 100

Point No. 25: Legalize Golf Carts

Mayor John Henry Berry journeys to the State Legislature to propose a bill that would legalize golf carts on the streets of D’Lo. But when Ruth, the Mayor Pro Tem, takes charge of the town, her no nonsense leadership style chafes residents and turns D’Lo on its head.

Small Town, Big Mayor | Episode 102

Point No. 44: Go Green

Mayor Berry introduces a green initiative for D’Lo with recycling, solar power and a herd of goats to “mow” the lawn. But will his money-saving effort go awry when the goats escape and the rampaging beasts terrorize the town and its residents?

Small Town, Big Mayor | Episode 103

Point No. 51: Recruit New Firefighters

The Mayor tries to lure fresh blood – including his son Ben – into the volunteer fire department by inviting residents to compete in a fireman Olympics. The Mayor’s other son, a music producer/DJ, comes to D’Lo for a little vacation from the big city, but instead is put to work by his dad cleaning out the city’s culverts!

Date My Dad Full Episodes

Date My Dad | Episode 101


On Ricky Cooper’s 40th birthday, his mother-in-law decides to move out leaving him to play cook, maid, and mother. Meanwhile, his three daughters decide to get him back into the dating game by opening a lawn-front dating service disguised as a lemonade stand.

Date My Dad | Episode 102

But I Really Like the Kids

Ricky starts seeing Katie, a woman he believes he’s interested in. Turns out, he enjoys playing baseball with her three sons more than the actual dates. Meanwhile, Ricky’s youngest, Gigi tries out for the lead role in the school play.

Date My Dad | Episode 103

Sacrifice Fly

When cleaning supplies and groceries become scarce, Ricky must do the shopping for the entire house for the first time. Ricky’s middle-daughter Elisa is left trying to balance school work and maintain the house.

Growing Up McGhee Full Episodes

Growing Up McGhee | Episode 101

Going a McGhee a Minute

The McGhee’s introduce us to how crazy life is with sextuplets. Mia and Ro attend parent teacher conferences and learn some big news about how the kids are doing in school.

Growing Up McGhee | Episode 102

Zone Defense at the Water Park

The McGhee family is getting cabin fever and the sextuplets are bouncing off the walls. Mia and Ro come up with a way to incentivize good behavior from the kids before they all head to an indoor water park a much-needed release.

Growing Up McGhee | Episode 201

I’m not ready for this…

It’s back to school time for the McGhees, which means back to school shopping for clothes and supplies… times six! The sextuplets are excited, but when they find out they will be repeating Kindergarten they are upset about their friends leaving them behind. Mia and Ro do their best to support the kids and make their first day back special.

Growing Up McGhee | Episode 202

“If you see me praying, you know why…”

Learning doesn’t stop when the school week ends and for Mia and Ro the real homework is just beginning. Rain or shine, getting rid of the kid’s training wheels is on Ro’s agenda, but only after Mia makes sure their sight words have been seen.

Growing Up McGhee | Episode 203

Apple bruisers and abusers

Six kids to one adult are not the best odds. How will Mia handle a day off from school with the sextuplets while Ro is working? She decides to take the kids to an orchard to pick apples and get some energy out, but realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew when the kids get lost in a corn maze just as it starts to pour down rain.

Bulloch Family Ranch Full Episodes

Bulloch Family Ranch | Episode 101

Bulloch Barn Build

It’s time to meet the Bullochs; Rusty, Julie, Brodie, Amanda and the assorted kids without homes who the Bullochs regularly take in and give a second chance. Julie accompanies one of the ranch kids, Davin, to the school to talk about his options for getting his GPA up and graduating, while still being able to play football. Meanwhile, Rusty enlists the help of everyone he can think of to build a barn for the horses in just two days but has he bitten off more than he can chew?

Bulloch Family Ranch | Episode 102

To Coach Or Not To Coach?

Julie is enlisted by a local charity for help on setting up a free family fun day in downtown Lakeland. Problems arise as vendors close early and the weather threatens to dampen their day. Rusty is forced to make a choice between Davin & coaching football.

Bulloch Family Ranch | Episode 103

A Bulloch-Style Anniversary

Rusty & Julie are celebrating their 28th Wedding Anniversary – Polk County-style! Both plan big surprises that include handguns, horses, and a fancy hotel! Following his parents’ example, Brodie invites Jordan, a promising high school football player, to live at the Ranch.

Bulloch Family Ranch | Episode 201

This Is Different

As the second season kicks off, Julie Bulloch makes a sudden, heartfelt decision that affects every member of the Ranch in dramatically different and surprising ways. Having found Ciara — a 21-year-old single mom and fiancée to a beloved former Ranch kid – in dire circumstances, Julie unilaterally invites her and her three-year-old daughter Shania to live at the Ranch. The unexpected news unsettles husband Rusty, who is worried about having two more mouths to feed, and their daughter Amanda, who is angry at being shut out of a major family decision that affects her and her own three-year-old. As the family adjusts to new circumstances at a welcome dinner, Ciara breaks the news that she’s also pregnant. Meanwhile, Ranch “kid” Jordan struggles to get back on track both on and off the football field. Later, while now out on his own, Brodie confronts his parents’ concerns about his overall “lack of direction.”

Bulloch Family Ranch | Episode 202

Here Comes Trouble

Everyone learns what “I pulled a Julie!” means when mom Julie comically underestimates her time and weekend schedule with the busy bounce house business and other family commitments. At the same time, Rusty takes on an additional job working on his father-in-law’s rental properties to make ends meet, which turns out to be a much larger undertaking than he expected when Ranch “kid” Wilson gets involved. Meanwhile, after the words and tears following her welcome dinner at the Ranch, Ciara wrestles with what to do next – should she give her new baby up for adoption or keep it? Ciara turns to Amanda and Pastor Walter for guidance. Later, Wilson reveals something that helps Ciara come to a decision. Brodie’s search for the right career path takes leads him to his friend’s custom truck garage.

Bulloch Family Ranch | Episode 203

It’s Getting Real

In this episode, The Bulloch family is hosting a charity event for the benefit of a young man, Deshawn, suffering from muscular dystrophy. They’re raising money and hope to donate a van equipped with a wheelchair lift to Deshawn’s family at the event. Meanwhile, Ciara is still struggling with all the decisions surrounding putting her baby up for adoption. She talks with Amanda and then goes to visit a local adoption agency to check out her options. She also talks to Wilson, who then revisits some questions of his own about adoption. Jordan has a very important football game coming up- it’s a must win with playoff implications. The pressure is on and, come game night, Jordan is feeling the heat. As the clock ticks down, Brodie puts the finishing touches on the van and the whole family heads to the charity event. All the hard work is worth it as they pull off an incredible surprise for Deshawn and his family.The episode culminates with an emotional meeting when Ciara and Amanda go to visit the potential adoptive parents at their home.

Dancin' The Dream Full Episodes

Dancin' The Dream | Episode 101

Making the Video

Meet eight of the hottest young dancers working today and their hip-hop trainer/choreographers Kiki Ely and Beejay Harris. In this premiere episode, the studio is hired to produce a music video for a hip, new recording artist. But not all of the kids will make the cut and only one will land the lead role. Will the pressure be too much for these young performers to handle?

Dancin' The Dream | Episode 102

Flash Mob

Kiki and Beejay are hired to start a flash mob in Atlanta’s famous Piedmont Park. They let one of the kids choreograph the routine and post it on YouTube for the public to learn. But as the day of the flash mob approaches, Kiki gets worried that the choreography is too difficult and will scare away non-dancers. If no one shows up, the flash mob won’t be a mob at all, but a total bust!

Ties That Bind Full Episodes

Ties That Bind | Episode 101


In this series premiere episode Detective Allison McLean puts her law-breaking brother Tim behind bars, and quickly decides to move his two resentful teenaged kids in with her own two children and devoted husband. Meanwhile, Allison and her partner race the clock to find a wounded pregnant girl and her boyfriend who have committed a robbery. Guest stars Luke Perry.

Ties That Bind | Episode 102

A Fresh Start

Allison and Devin are called in to investigate the mysterious murder of the owner of a restaurant that hires ex-cons, one of whom Allison has helped in the past. Meanwhile, Mariah and Cameron try to find ways to fit in at their new school with some unwanted help from Jeff and Rachel.

Ties That Bind | Episode 103


Allison comes face-to face with the man who shot her and time is running out to charge him and get him off the streets. Matt suspects Cameron of theft. Guest stars Jason Priestley.

Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy Full Episodes

Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy | Episode 101

Jackson Family

Shirdawn and Jeffrey Jackson, a loving couple with one biological child and one older adopted daughter, open their hearts and home to seven young siblings in foster care who previously lived in a very unstable environment in a motel. Team Tuohy creates a fabulous new backyard for the Jacksons and helps their youngest foster child, Randolph, become a permanent member of this forever family.

Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy | Episode 102

Sanders Family

Jill and Graham Sanders would love nothing more than to adopt their nephew Johnny. Johnny is still hesitating, as he doesn’t want to hurt his biological dad’s feelings even though his dad cannot care for him in a stable environment. Team Tuohy’s mission will be to help Johnny reach a decision as well as making over bedrooms for both Johnny and his soon to be sister Finny.

Family Addition with Leigh Anne Tuohy | Episode 103

Soto Family

Tiffany Soto and her husband Bryan are on the verge of adopting her nephew Elijah but have faced some hurdles in completing the adoption. Leigh Anne and her Team help expedite this adoption and share an emotional moment in the courtroom, as Elijah becomes a permanent member of the Soto family. They also create a beautiful new living space for this brand new family.

The Holderness Family Full Episodes

The Holderness Family | Episode 101

Mommy and Daddy Time

Penn and Kim Holderness are known for their hilarious viral video parodies, but the real fun is seeing what goes on behind the scenes of these family projects. In this premiere episode, as they prepare to produce a new hit video, the entire family gets the flu, giving the term “viral video” a whole new meaning.

The Holderness Family | Episode 102

A PAWfect Match

Penn and Kim take on a project for PAWfect Match, a non-profit pet rescue and adoption service. Will their humorous take on pet adoption leave the client begging for more or will the whole video go to the dogs?