Chrystale Wilson

Chrystale Wilson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but spent most of her school years in Sacramento, CA.  After completing college in Sacramento, she moved back to Atlanta where she worked for several major law firms before auditioning for and receiving her first major film role. In l998, Chrystale debuted in The Players Club, written and produced by Ice Cube.  As Ronnie, a scene-stealing villainess, she received rave reviews.  Chrystale’s talents are not only manifested in front of the camera, but in other domains of filmmaking as well. She has written, produced and secured mainstream talent for two films: Groupies and The Kudzu Christmas.  Groupies is a cult classic with first time appearances by rap artists Ludicris and Lil’ John.  Kudzu was the first movie to be shown on the successful television station TVOne! Having earned the reputation for being a starlet as well as a producer, Chrystale has gone on to work behind the scenes on other major productions: The 2010 Trumpet Awards, Stomp the Yard 2, Teen Wolf, Think Like a Man; just to name a few.  This talented woman continues to tour the country with inspirational stage plays and has done so for the past eight years, working with some of today’s top playwrights, including Tyler Perry. This woman’s heart is not only displayed in her love for the arts but also in her love for all humanity.  She is anadvocate for the better treatment of our elderly and through a self-funded and organized annual event “InjuredAngel Mixer”; Chrystale encourages her friends to donate products, which she personally distributes to inner city nursing homes.  She also displays her love for animals as a volunteer at local “no kill” animal shelters.  She lends her gift of speaking to high schools and colleges addressing the important of acceptance and tolerance amongst people from different cultural backgrounds. Chrystale is loved and respected in the gay and lesbiancommunity and hosts many events pertaining to the equal treatment of people choosing an alternative life style.

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