Angela Logan

The real-life inspiration for Apple Mortgage Cake, Angela Logan is the owner of Mortgage Apple Cakes LLC (, as well as an actress, comedienne and print model for 30 years. From Teaneck, NJ, Logan inspired the nation and the world in 2009 during the mortgage crisis.  She set a goal to sell 100 apple cakes in 10 days to save her home of 20 years from foreclosure.  Logan had baked 42 cakes in her home and sold them at $40 each when her story went global via CBS, FOX, The Today Show, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Montel Williams, Wendy Williams, Cake Boss, and ABC’s “More Magazine Reinvention Special,” as well as many national magazines and newspapers.  Thus, she saved her home from foreclosure.  When the initial coverage led to thousands of cake orders, internet gift cake company Bake Me A Wish baked and shipped her cakes all over the country, and licensed her cakes with 5% of sales being donated to GreenPath, a mortgage and debt solution company.  Logan also became a spokesperson for GreenPath. Since then, Logan has her own LLC — Mortgage Apple Cakes.  She bakes her own cakes in a commercial kitchen.  In addition to her Signature Cake, made with cream cheese frosting, gala and delicious apples, Logan has added an Apple Rum Upside-Down Cake, made with three kind of juicy apples; an apple pound cake drizzled with Ghirardelli’s White Chocolate; and a Caramel Apple Cake made with aromatic handmade caramel.  Her cakes are sold at farmers markets throughout NY and NJ and in specialty stores and restaurants. Born in Atlanta, Logan learned to bake as a young child from her grandmother, who made the very flavorful, aromatic, all natural cakes from scratch.  From that point on, Logan would only like home-style cakes like her grandmother baked. An actress for over 30 years, Logan has been seen in films, including Boomerang; TV shows, including Law and Order: SVU, and on national commercials, including Night of Olay.  She has performed stand-up comedy at John Harm’s Performing Arts Center. She has a MA from Michigan State University, and a BA from Spellman College. Logan supports various charities and organizations, including Zoe’s Cup Cake Café, Youth Counseling Services, Gilda’s Club Outreach Program, and the Mental Health Association in Passaic County.

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