Darlene Cooke

Darlene Cooke was born in a northern Ontario nickel mining town and raised in Base Borden, a Canadian Armed Forces base.  She grew up with her seven siblings and parents in an active and busy household. The entire family moved to Toronto when Cooke’s father obtained an honorable discharge from the armed services and began working in the private sector as an engineer. During her high school years, Cooke modeled, studied dance and voice and immersed herself in her passion with horses.  She began travelling the globe after graduation from school when she landed a job as a flight attendant for the next 12 years. Family life began knocking on Cooke’s door and she began adoption procedures of her first child in a single parent adoption process.  She later had another child naturally and began her career as a Professional Union Actor 1990.  As a sole supporting parent, Cooke can truly relate to the conditions that Angela Logan found herself in.  The life of an actor is truly unpredictable, quite exciting and a constant challenge of balance, energy and the desire to grow in one’s craft. Cooke resides in Riverdale, an old neighborhood of Toronto with her two sons, their Cairn Terrier and their restored 1926 home.

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