Peter Williams

Since emerging on the small screen as “Pin” on CTV’s long-running NEON RIDER, a pioneering Vancouver-based drama, Canadian actor Peter Williams has enjoyed prominent exposure on series north of the border.  Notable here are parts on DaVinci’s Inquest, E.N.G., Due South, Da Kink In My Hair and Showcase’s grown-up six-parter, Show Me Yours. On television internationally, Williams is proud of appearances on shows like X-Files, The Relic Hunter, Dark Angel, and Outer Limits, which compliment more well-known turns as “Angelo” on cult fave Dead Like Me and multi-season arch-nemesis Apophis on showtime and Sci-Fi Network’s internationally-syndicated Stargate SG-1. Genie-nominated in Canada, Williams makes his Hollywood connection in Universal’s splashy Chronicles Of Riddick and Warner’s Catwoman.  As “Gene,” the pivotal character in thoughtful festival fave A Winter Tale, he continues to add interesting credits to his credits. Now based in Toronto after a sojourn in the Caribbean, Jamaican-born Williams has recently featured in The Listener.  He is soon to be seen in upcoming episodes of The Strain and Working The Engles.

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