Where is “Apple Mortgage Cake” Inspiration Angela Logan Now?

As the real life inspiration behind the new UP original movie Apple Mortgage Cake (which debuts Easter Sunday, April 20th at 7 PM ET / 8 PT), New Jersey resident Angela Logan is getting a chance to tell the world at large an extraordinary story of hope and determination. The unbelievable journey began in 2009 when the single mother of three boys was about to lose a home that had been in her family for three generations, but she found a solution in the unlikely form of her grandmother’s apple cake recipe.

With the coaxing of her family, friends and the man who’s currently her fiancé, Logan swallowed her pride long enough to simply admit her needs to the surrounding community, offering to bake one of her famous cakes from scratch and sell them for $40 each in hopes she’d be able to dig herself out of a $4,000 bill during a fairly tight time frame. Not only did the plan work well beyond her 100 cake goal (though we’ll leave the heartwarming movie to fill in the blanks), but it’s since been the catalyst to turn this empowering lady’s life completely around five years down the line.

‘Well, the attention went on for about a year, though not at the same pace that it was in the beginning,’ recalls Logan of the interest that came flooding in with her unconventional method of beating the economic blues. ‘I would say the constant orders and media calls happened for about three months and then [internet gift cake company] Bake Me A Wish started baking them, selling them and shipping them. They did a great job for us, but we could only bake certain kinds of cakes, such as not being able to sell an apple rum upside down cake because they said it would be too heavy and cost too much to ship. I had some different recipes in my head I was very excited about, but when you’re in somebody else’s company, they’re dictating what you should do and how you should do it. So after the licensing was over, we took over and started basically from scratch.’

From mortgage miracle to a full-fledged business

Though the initial venture saved her house within a matter of days, orders continued to pour in from literally all across America, which coupled with the fact that Angela’s cakes are truly delectable, helped her launch a full-fledged LLC business that’s now called Mortgage Apple Cakes. The company is currently setting up shop at various farmers markets on the East coast, which allows its leader to test her cakes in various regions and meet additional business connections who’ve helped set up focus groups and give guidance about future endeavors, though she’s also quick to credit the love of her life.

‘I balance it all because I have the most extraordinary man in the world helping me, who wears a thousand hats including daily operations, computer graphics and all of the behind-the-scenes paperwork and contracts,’ she beams of the real-life Melvin (who’s portrayed in the movie as a suave suitor, though they are indeed engaged). ‘We would like for it to become kind of a cross between a Starbucks and a Cheesecake Factory where we have various healthy and fresh meals, but have the cakes as the main attraction,’ Angela enthuses. ‘Right now I have four main apple cakes: original with cream cheese frosting and organic confections, apple rum upside down cake, apple pound cake with Ghirardelli white chocolate and caramel apple cake. I also have a vegan apple cake, which happened as a result of Kimberly Elise [who played me in the movie] being vegan and it’s a great cake that’s now selling. We want to make a gluten-free apple cake, we want to make gluten-free macaroons and all things with apples. I’d like to have a display of an apple machine cutting, coring and peeling apples so little kids can watch and have it be a place for people to relax, maybe study or even see a show because we’re performers at heart and we would love to have live shows.’

As shown in Apple Mortgage Cake, Angela and Melvin are certainly no strangers to the stage, especially when it comes to stand-up comedy. The pair originally met back in the 1980s when they were both performing at a competition, and though they drifted apart to focus on their individual families, their paths once again crossed at a comedy show over a decade later (and they’ve been together ever since). All the while, Angela’s also been active as an actress, including appearances in the movie Boomerang, the TV show Law and Order: SVU and even a cameo as a charity supervisor in this very movie!

‘When I saw [Kimberly] reliving my life, I burst into tears because seeing it from this objective point of view was very different from being in it,’ she recalls of the poignant on set experience. ‘I can hardly listen to more than a few words that she says without bursting into tears because it was such a traumatic time for me. At the time, I handled it with sort of a calm, quiet, determination because I had to stay focused on the task of baking, but the emotion comes by just watching what this woman is doing, and for the first time, I could see what I was doing through her! Of course I had tossed and turned and cried before I sold the cakes because things were so bad, but it was seeing how she was so determined to get it done – as an objective outsider – that was so moving.’

More professional and personal pieces fall into place

In addition to the new movie, her ongoing involvement in acting and the burgeoning pie business, Logan continues to live up to her superwoman status by simultaneously working a full-time job as a teacher as at a progressive charter school in Newark. ‘I work at a very exciting place that’s growing and expanding, plus everybody is dedicated to the job and it’s incredible what they’re doing there,’ she asserts, specifically mentioning their embrace of the Tools of the Mind program, which was recently trumpeted by President Obama. ‘I teach health-related fitness, from aerobic concepts to muscular fitness and flexibility, along with how to do it, why we do it and what effects it has on your body… I love it, but the reason I started working there was because starting a business is not easy. When you start a business and you’ve been in foreclosure, there’s no way anybody’s going to give you a loan, so you have to work. Being in a start-up situation over at the bakery, I saw other people who were doing the same thing. They worked to help build their business, and then when your business reaches a certain point, you cross over and do it.’

Besides having a thriving professional life split between so many of her passions, the pieces have also fallen into place for Angela personally, who didn’t just finish almost all of the repairs on her home (as foreshadowed in the film), but is also happy to report her children are actively pursuing dreams of their own. Her oldest son Marcus is a software design engineer in Seattle, her middle son William is a 3D animator who works on films and commercials in New York City (and also freelances as a musician), while her youngest son Nicolas is a junior in culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University.

Angela’s advice to all

Considering all of the above is nothing short of a miracle, Angela remains remarkably generous with her time, regularly offering assistance to neighbors right down the road, along with complete strangers spread all across the country. ‘A lot of people call me and I stay on the phone for hours talking with them about how I did what I did,’ she confirms. ‘One woman was losing her home right here in Teaneck, so I said ‘I’m coming over with a cake, I’ll call the news media and tell them you’re going to follow my method.’ The media came, she announced she was going to have a garage sale, people brought things for her to sell and also bought things that were for sale, and within a weekend, she sold $9,000 worth of things to get out of foreclosure! Another woman called me from down in the South and said she wanted to do it with eyeglasses. We talked and she got her eyeglasses together, got sponsors and worked on saving her house, so it has happened over and over again. People call me from across the nation and I always take time to talk to them. Sometimes I can help them, sometimes I cannot, but when I can, I do.’

So what specific advice can Angela give to those going through tough times of any nature based on the extensive lessons she’s learned along the way? ‘Well, I tell you one of the things I say over and over again is that you have to be ready for your blessings and then you have to be responsible for your blessings,’ she sums up. ‘I let down my guard, I released myself of whatever shame could’ve come in my life, and I asked for a blessing. When it came, I had to be ready for it and my family helped me be ready for it, but then when we got all of those blessings, we had to be responsible with them. I could’ve stopped right there and just paid my mortgage, but I felt it was my responsibility after having all those people buy cakes on my behalf to start a business, to try to be independent and build that business to the point where everybody will know Mortgage Apple Cakes all over the nation because of what so many people did for me.’

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