Coffee Shop


This charming romantic comedy tells the story of coffee shop owner Donavan who is a magician with coffee but a klutzy control-freak with her dating life. She forms an unlikely friendship with wayward playwright Ben, when a banker enters the picture wanting to close down her beloved shop. Can Donavan regain her faith in herself and others in time to save the coffee shop and find out what true love really is?


Coffee For a Good Cause

In the romantic UP Original Movie Coffee Shop, Donovan Turner (Laura Vandervoort) helped “Brew a Better Tomorrow”.  Proceeds from “concerts” at her coffee house went to support overseas charities.  Inspired by the movie, we looked at some of the growers and producers who do coffee for a good cause. Land of a Thousand Hills –  Helping Rwanda […]

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Dating? 5 Ways Coffee Shops are Better Than Bars

By Lindy Keffer, contributing writer, I started loving coffee while studying abroad in Costa Rica 17 years ago. Since then, I’ve developed quite an affection for coffee shops as well. Besides brewing up the nectar of the gods, they’re percolators for love, apparently. My own love story has roots in a coffee shop. Unlike […]

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QUIZ: What Kind of Coffee Are You?

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