Kevin Downes

Kevin Downes is an American actor, writer, producer and director. Downes grew up in Visalia, three hours north of Los Angeles. Most of the Christian films he participated in were shot there. He has over 15 years’ writing, directing, acting and producing experience, much of it in the faith-based market. His vision is to produce high quality motion pictures to share strong messages of hope, faith and love that come through a personal relationship with God. The movie “Mercy Streets,” which he produced, was nominated for the Best Family Film Award. Kevin lives in Visalia with his wife, Catherine, and dog, Darby. Kevin Downes is the younger brother of producer Bobby Downes, who is the founder and CEO of In 2003, Kevin wrote, produced, directed and starred in “Six: The Mark Unleashed” opposite Stephen Baldwin, Eric Roberts, David A.R. White and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The movie was released in June 2004.

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