Danielle Chuchran

Danielle Ryan Chuchran was born in Upland, California but moved to Utah shortly after. She started her career with some ads, before she had her first role at the age of seven in Little Secrets. With her part as Thing One in The Cat in the Hat she consolidated her position as child-actress and did several films and series afterwards. Since Minor Details she is frequently working with John Lyde and Mainstay Productions and appeared in most of their projects. Danielle is quite sporty. She is an accomplished rider, and besides several other hobbies she loves to go shooting, both guns and archery. She likes to perform stunts and fighting scenes for her roles on her own. That passion started already with her role as Thing One and includes today also some serious rock climbing in her newer movie Survivor. She is also very animal-loving, especially she likes spending time with her horses and her dog.

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