Tiffany DuPont

Tiffany Dupont is the daughter of John and Milly Dupont. Her mother was born in Amsterdam, NL and was raised in Luxembourg. Her father is from a large Italian family, and was raised just outside of New Orleans. They met and fell in love while Milly was visiting the states one summer in the 80’s. Her parents are both innovative & artistic. John is a self-made man who built a career designing and flying airplanes. Milly earned a Master’s Degree in Dance and Choreography, and worked as a professional dancer for over 20 years. Having been raised in a creative environment and being exposed to the arts at a very young age, largely contributed to Tiffany’s early born dream to become a professional actress. Growing up, Tiffany’s family moved numerous times, giving her the opportunity to easily adapt to any environment. Constantly being the “new girl” as a child and teenager only further developed Tiffany’s outgoing and warm personality, something she relies on each time she is a new cast member on set. Though constantly moving, Tiffany’s dynamic parents provided a strong family foundation of love and support. As a child, she was encouraged to participate in a diverse range of activities including dance, martial arts and music. Tiffany majored in music at The University of Georgia earning a full scholarship to study violin performance. She was very active in Student Government and participated in numerous leadership opportunities & groups on campus, including being crowned Miss UGA during her junior year. Though she loves the arts and leadership, Tiffany’s true passion has always been acting. Tiffany has been working as an actress in Los Angeles since 2002. Her career began promptly, booking a role opposite Steve Martin and Tom Welling in “Cheaper By the Dozen” just two months after moving to LA. Tiffany has been working steadily ever since.

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