Q&A: Jackie Turner On Her Craigslist Ad, The Holidays And Speaking From The Heart

(Editor’s Note: UPtv.com recently talked to Jackie Turner, whose inspirational story is captured in the UP Original Christmas Movie “My One Christmas Wish.” Learn how her life has changed since a Craigslist ad helped her find a loving family, friends — and a new outlook on life!)

UPTV.COM: Abused as a child and without a strong support system, the holidays were especially difficult for you as a child. Now that you’ve found a loving family, do you see the holidays in a different light?

Jackie Turner: The holidays are different now because of truth. I can truly express what I feel. That is the beauty about the community I have around me. I don’t have to pretend my life is like others. I can be who I am. What I mean is my community accepts me for who I am, where I have come from, and what I have experienced in my life.

UPTV.COM: How has your life changed since you posted the ad on Craiglist looking for a loving family?

Jackie Turner: The Craigslist post allowed many people to come forward, both people who were in adopted families and those who were still searching. Over the last two years, people have become more free — telling the truth of their experiences and what they actually feel about them.

For a long time, it was not safe in society to say you were not okay, or had been abused, or still hurt over what you had lost. If you found a family you had found your “happily ever after.” However, that is not fully true. I work with kids every week that are wrestling with a struggle in their families… fighting to find the pieces of their lives and pick them up with their families.

I want people to know that we have been dealing with the symptoms of such a family breakdown by brushing it under the rug and asking the children of that to do the same. Instead, I am wanting people to unzip their lips and share the truth of their conditions — share their true feelings.

UPTV.COM: What advice do you have for people who find themselves in a similar situation that you once did?

Jackie Turner: As for now, all I know is that I have a beautiful family and community that both reach out to me and I reach out to them. What I would want the world around me who are struggling in the areas where I have struggled  to know is this: tell the truth about what has happened to you. Things don’t change by keeping them in the dark, they change by bringing them into the light.

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