Meet Alma

Alma Mater

Fresh off the heels of his pop punk band, School Boy Humor – LA based singer / producer Caleb Schultz decided to change his tune up a bit and formed an indie pop band called Alma Mater. Schultz, recently becoming a new dad, was inspired by his daughter and the joy she made him feel, to bring happiness and joy to other people’s lives – so he decided to do it through the best way he
knows how, with music. Caleb thought writing happy-go-lucky indie pop songs would do just the trick. Bringing in veteran indie pop singer & writer Jackson Hom and Natania Lawani to the group
only solidified Schultz’ vision for his new band – and with that, Alma Mater was born. Since late 2016, Alma Mater worked day and night in the studio writing song after song to hit their goal of
releasing a debut album by Summer 2017. Since the band formed, and even before officially releasing their songs to the public, Alma Mater’s music has been featured in many popular TV shows such as MTV’s Teen Mom, A&E’s Born This Way, Are You The One, to name a few. The band will be playing their first shows and showcases starting Summer 2017.

You can follow Alma Mater on their Facebook page.

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