Meet Dora

Dora Pereli

Dora, currently residing in Los Angeles, is a singer and songwriter. She plays the guitar as well as the cello. Since transitioning from a background band member to a solo frontwoman, she has released two EPs, a couple of music videos, and has toured throughout the Northwest. She has played in a variety of cities like Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, and consistently plays all over LA (Hotel Café, The Victorian,Malibu Café).

While being raised in the suburbs of Boston, she was classically trained in cello and voice at Longy School of Music in Cambridge. It didn’t take long after she finished high school to drop her roots on the East coast and road trip out to Tinseltown!

Follow Dora on her website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud. You can also listen on iTunes and Spotify.

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