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Katie Herzig

After eight years as the frontwoman for Newcomers Home, Katie Herzig struck out on her own. Herzig was no stranger to the solo game, having released her first solo album, Watch Them Fall (2004),  it was no surprise when, following the dissolution of Newcomers Home in 2006, Herzig put together a second album, Weightless. Comprised of quirky, heartfelt songs that nodded to twangy, warm-voiced artists like Devon Sproule and Neko Case, the album generated quite a bit of critical buzz. Herzig spent the next two years playing gigs, collaborating with other artists, and writing new material, and she even managed to snag a 2007 Grammy nomination for one of her songs, “Heaven’s My Home” (performed by the Duhks). Her third full-length album, Apple Tree, was released in the spring of 2008. Her music continued to evolve into sublime dream pop and she released her fourth solo album The Waking Sleep in 2011. She returned in early 2014 with Walk Through Walls and is expected to release a new solo album in 2017.

Visit her official website here , her iTunes page and follow her on Twitter at @katieherzig.

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