Meet MessyHearts


Messy Hearts is a Los Angeles electronic pop duo consisting of producer, Eric Capone and singer, Dora Pereli. They both grew up breathing the same gritty Boston air, but their music roots could not be more different. Dora had traditional classical music training in cello and voice, starting at age six with rehearsals, scales, and recitals; just a few miles away Eric was teaching himself piano, and falling in love with rich choruses and guitar driven melodies that make up the heart and soul of his sound.

They both moved to LA to follow their music dreams. Dora learned to play the guitar and write her own songs, and Eric produced music for television and a variety of bands ranging from pop to R&B.

They finally met in 2016 at a gig and have been working together ever since. Their first single was released with the record label Higher Reign Music Group on Octobers 9th, 2017! This is their second time collaborating with UP TV and are thrilled to be working with them again.

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