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Phillip LaRue

For chart-topping songwriter Phillip LaRue, accolades, awards, and chasing singles isn’t conducive to the creative process. When the session starts, what truly matters are the stories, the people that inspire the songs, and the act of bringing those characters and journeys to life with authenticity and fine songcraft. And judging by Phillip’s #1 country hit co-writing Tyler Farr’s “Whiskey In My Water,” his integrity-driven approach yields more than just pure artistic success. He’s been able to successfully work across genres such as country, pop-rock, rock, singer-songwriter, and folk because his artistry transcends styles. “I’m a sucker for a timeless melody, and songs that put a smile on your face and stir your heart,” he says. Phillip stays active with his folk project Us And Our Daughters and his pop-rock band The Rival, but, first and foremost, he prizes his collaborative work as a songwriter and a producer. “I love being in the background to serve somebody else’s vision and dreams,” he says. “Every time I go into a room to write, I strive to do something special and significant. These aren’t just songs, they are stories we are telling, and I feel so blessed and honored to do this for a living.”

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