Alyssa Bates Webster And Husband John Announce They're Pregnant!

And the Bates family continues to get bigger! Less than a month after Erin Bates Paine and husband Chad revealed they were pregnant with their third child, Alyssa Bates Webster and husband John have officially announced they too are expecting! The couple said they are due in April and have picked the name Zoey Joy. How adorable!

Alyssa and John told Us Weekly that “welcoming a child into the world that is your own will never grow old! Three girls is going to be crazy and emotional but we can’t wait to welcome little Zoey Joy into our lives. All of our girls are truly gifts of God to our home!”

Watch some of Alyssa’s biggest life moments (like surprise pregnancy announcements) in the videos below!

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Alyssa Bates Webster and husband John are pregnant with their third girl, Zoey Joy Webster! Photo Credit: Kayla Whaley

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