Inspired by his childhood experiences, comedian Chris who struggles to cope with being uprooted to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York and
bused for the first-time to a predominantly white middle school two-hours away, while keeping
his younger siblings Drew and Tonya in line at home.
Rock narrates the hilarious, touching story of a teenager named Chris

Everyone Hates Keisha
Episode 102

When Rochelle hires their young neighbor Keisha to tutor Drew in math, Chris sees this as his chance to impress the girl next door, but his plans go awry when Keisha makes her own moves.

Assuming he’s a great player just because he’s African
American, Chris gets recruited to the basketball team despite the fact that he really can’t play the
game, and all of the attention he gets from the faculty and classmates puts a strain on his
friendship with Greg

Fists, rumors and even “D” batteries fly as the fight between Chris and school bully Joey Caruso escalates, forcing school principal Dr. Raymond

When Chris befriends Fat Mike, one of the cool kids in his
neighborhood, he gets some relief from the area thugs, but their bond is quickly tested when
Mike disappears with Chris’ bike

“Chris’ plans to attend his neighbor Lisa’s big Halloween
party are threatened when his mother Rochelle makes him take his younger brother and sister
trick-or-treating. Eric Laneuville directed the episode from a story written by Rodney
Barnes and Courtney Lilly.”

When Julius and Rochelle decide to have a “date
night,” they hire a babysitter to watch the kids, but when she keeps leaving to take care of
personal business, Chris is forced to cover for her.

Chris must endure a Saturday at the local
Laundromat with Drew and Tonya in tow, but he finds his patience tested by the competitive
patrons and his siblings’ uncooperative behavior.

After Julius finds $200 in food stamps, Rochelle
swallows her pride and goes to use them, but when a friend spots her at the grocery story, she
panics and dips into the family’s spending money instead.

Everybody Hates Greg
Episode 110

Tired of constantly being blamed for Tonya’s mischief, Chris
decides to hang out and play Atari at Greg’s house after school without their parents’ permission,
but when Greg’s dad comes home, Chris ends up hiding out in the closet to avoid getting busted

When the water heater breaks in their house, Julius and
Rochelle must tell Chris that they can’t afford to buy him the new Walkman cassette player that
he wants for Christmas.

Tired of “hand-me-up” winter coats from Drew,
Chris decides that a leather jacket will make him look “cool,” but he learns the value of a dollar
when he goes to work with his dad to earn the money to buy one.

Chris tries to find an outfit for his school picture that will make him look cool.

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day when Chris develops a “bus crush” on a girl he regularly sees on his route home.

Chris is forced to defend his title as neighborhood “Asteroids” champ.

Chris tries everything to hide an “F” on his report card from his parents.

When Rochelle’s father dies unexpectedly, instead of grieving, she acts as if nothing’s wrong.

Fed up with the daily abuse from classmates, Chris tries to get himself expelled from Corleone Junior High when his parents turn down his request to transfer to the neighborhood school.

Everybody Hates Drew
Episode 119

Sick of being second best to his little brother, Chris decides to enroll in karate classes.

Everybody Hates Jail
Episode 121

Chris runs into trouble with the law while earning money for a school trip.

In celebration of Father’s Day, Julius tells the family he wants to spend the day by himself.