The Motel
Episode 101

While passing through Arkansas, the Greene family looks to rebuild the lost faith of an embittered motel owner by repairing her run-down business. Meanwhile, Nathaniel steals a gun from the motel office.

Leap of Faith
Episode 102

The Greenes take a detour and end up at the A-Lee-Inn Cafe, a hangout for UFO-seekers. Meanwhile, Russell learns the secret of an astronaut’s disappearance.

Episode 103

While travelling through Colorado, the Greene clan works overtime to persuade a high-school basketball coach to forgo his move to New Zealand when he becomes disillusioned with his faith in America.

The Prodigy
Episode 104

In Evanston, Wyoming, Claire encourages a musically-gifted boy to continue playing the guitar, despite the objections of his mother, who doesn’t want him to follow the same path that killed his father.

The Hostage
Episode 105

While the Greene family visits Claire’s great Aunt Mooster who’s celebrating her 100th birthday in Pueblo, Colorado, Russell encourages a man to step forward and take action against his employer for dumping toxic waste at a local landfill site.

The Magic Gate
Episode 106

While visiting a small town in West Virginia, Russell intervenes when he discovers Nathaniel’s favorite author is a morphine addict and that her fellow townspeople refuse to offer any assistance because of the bad publicity it would generate for the town.

Little Girl Lost
Episode 107

The Greenes camping excursion in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina is interrupted when a young girl becomes lost. Russell sees Dinah in a new light when she uses her mapping & trail skills to locate the child.

The Secret
Episode 108

The Greenes arrive in Pennsylvania, where as a teacher, Claire is confided in by a teenage girl that she was pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. Claire and Russell emphasize with the teen as they recall a similar loss of their own years earlier.

King of the Road
Episode 110

While recovering from the fire that destroyed their trailer, the Greenes have a run-in with some scam artists travelling through Chicory Creek. Meanwhile, Hattie is swept off her feet by a mysterious man, and Josh gets a haircut.

The Getaway
Episode 112

The Greenes are on their way to Cheyenne, Colorado when they stop to help a woman whose car has broken down on the road. Hattie becomes concerned when she notices bruises on the woman’s young daughter, Sarah. Russell and Claire confront the mother and learn that she’s running away from an abusive husband — who happens to be the town sheriff.

Independence Day
Episode 113

The Greenes travel to Great Falls, Montana to visit Russell’s cousin, Jeff, and his wife, Marie–and meet their six-month-old baby, Hailey. Jeff and Marie’s marriage is under increasing strain since Hailey’s birth and becoming legal guardian of Jeff’s twenty-year old brother, Bob, who has Down’s Syndrome.

Mirror Image
Episode 114

Excited about their upcoming anniversary and having Claire all to himself, Russell embraces her tightly to dance. Claire later discovers a painful lump in her breast and slips away to a local women’s hospital alone.

Running Scared
Episode 115

While in Washington, Dinah and Hattie get lost in a bad part of town on the way home from the market and stumble across a runaway who has been separated from her brother Tommy through the bureaucracies of the local children’s services agency.

The Collapse
Episode 116

In spite of Hattie’s protest, Russell picks up day labor working in a mine. Concerned for her son’s safety, Hattie makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t approve.

Episode 117

The Greenes go to Post Falls, Idaho to place Josh in a special institute for the blind, and visit some old friends from North Carolina, Ned and Eileen Bernhart. Ned sets Russell up with an interview at the company where he works, Post Falls Furniture

The Outrage
Episode 119

A conflict has erupted as a mining company is in the process of tearing down Lester Beneally’s Hogan (ceremonial place). The tribal police (some of whom are Native Americans) try to enforce the relocation papers they claim he signed before his death.

Episode 120

With the help of Russell and Claire, a woman forces a young boy to face his anti-semitic acts by telling him about her own family’s past. Meanwhile, Josh faces a similar situation when he dates a girl who’s Jewish.

Cowboy Blues
Episode 121

The Greenes must convince a grieving rancher to go on with his life following the accidental death of his wife, or else the man risks losing his ranch and the love of his teenage son.

Civil Wars
Episode 122

Russell’s job hauling lumber separates him and Dinah from the rest of the family who then fail to arrive at an appointed meeting site.

A social worker, who’s also Nathaniel’s Little League coach reports the Greenes for child neglect after Russell rebuffs her advances, leading to a judge’s order that the boy be removed from their care.

The social worker who accused the Greenes of child negligence, faces the same charge when her own son runs away from home with Nathaniel, saying he blames her for the death of his twin brother.