Small Town, Big Mayor

Small Town, Big Mayor is an UP original series.

D’Lo Mississippi is a quaint and quirky town straight from the 1950’s; everybody knows everybody and life is idyllic for its residents.  There’s only one problem for this town of 456: Main Street is shut down, people are moving to the city at alarming rates and it’s very possible that D’Lo may cease to exist.

Mayor John Henry Berry is a fourth generation D’Lo native and perhaps the most passionate, hands-on public servant in America. The white-suit-wearing, golf-cart-driving, firebrand campaigned on the promise that he would restore D’Lo to its former glory and he now has four years to do it. John Henry has developed an ambitious, 95-point plan to save his beloved town and — just as importantly — preserve a way of life that is dying all across America.

But Mayor Berry’s revitalization efforts are constantly complicated by the demands of his other duties as the town arbitrator, dog catcher, landscaper, sewer repairman, volunteer fireman, high school football announcer, Parish drummer and 4H Firearms Instructor.

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