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Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

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After Lorelai invites Rory to dinner and tells her that she and Christopher got married in Paris, Rory pretends to be thrilled while Christopher is in the room. But she later tells Lorelai how hurt and angry she really is. Meanwhile, back in town for the startup of his new Internet company, Logan invites Rory to the launch party, where she meets a magazine editor who suggests that she write an article on the event. But when Rory writes a judgmental article, describing the guests as spoiled elitists, Logan accuses Rory of hypocrisy, considering she is living rent-free in his apartment. Defensive at first, Rory eventually realizes that she is living a double standard and decides to find her own apartment. Meanwhile, when April faces a medical emergency, Luke frantically turns to Lorelai for help.

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