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Head Banging Fun
Episode 101

The Karate Klutz, Leaky Statues, Chocolate Covered Gags

Fall Down Funny
Episode 102

A Hairy Situation, Popping Peanuts, The Human Hamster

She’s a Knockout
Episode 103

Fish batter-up, The Wheel of Misfortune, Polly Want a Diaper?

Nothing to Sneeze At
Episode 104

German Shepard Chauffer, Gross Out Granny, Life’s a Hitch

When Chickens Fly, Photo Bomber Jacket, A Gag Most Foul

Chihuahua Joyride, The Boulder and The Beautiful, He’s All Thumbs

Run Away Comedy
Episode 107

The Littlest Bank Robbers, Guerilla Wedding, That’s no Bull, dog

Dog’s Best Friend
Episode 108

Touchier Screen Technology, Give Me a Hand, Sleeping Baby Race

Dog’s Best Friend
Episode 109

The Invisible Tiger, Ear Fullicious, How Not to Practice Fire Safety

Stuffed Dog vs. Hot Dog, Buzzy Bee, Chicken Tartare

Turning the Tables
Episode 111

Super Juicer, Meat Expectations, Things That Totally Suck

Nothing Up His Cape
Episode 113

Magical pranks, Lobster Launch, Really Fast Food

Above Par Pranks
Episode 114

Smothered in Laughs, Hysterical Pregnancy, Quit Golfing Around

Car of the Year
Episode 115

T-bone Tot, Bride and Seek, Grandpa Flips Over It

Jig and Jiggle
Episode 116

Knock-out Grandma, To Serve, Protect and Dance, A Really Scary Scarecrow

License to Prank
Episode 117

Mock of Seagulls, Brownie Buster, The Postman Only Pranks Twice

Ride of a Lifetime
Episode 118

The Gag Salon, When Elephants Attack, Mulch Ado About Nothing

Dead Standstill
Episode 119

Coffin Traffic, Show and Smell, Law and Order: Seasonal Fruit Unit

A Real Drag
Episode 120

Quit Foaling Around, The Pranking of the Guard, Attack of The Recycling Bin

I Beam You Scream
Episode 121

A New Leash on Life, Milking the Gag, The Brief Case of the Briefcase

Classical Gags
Episode 122

Straight Outta Piggly-Wiggly, Pranky Pines, These Boots are Made for Fishin’

Caution: Wild Gorilla
Episode 123

Puddles of Pun, Head of the Microwave, Jack in the Portapotty

Orange is the New Gag
Episode 124

Head Over Heels Bride, Walking the Prank, A Hole Lot of Funny

Recycling Grandma
Episode 125

Free Falling Fries, Mermaid Baby, Heavy Medal

Rocket Man, Fall is in the Air, Bark to Order

Caffeinated Comedy
Episode 127

Hot Dog Day Afternoon, Third Hand’s the Charm, Pop Up on the Roof

Jurassic Pranks
Episode 128

The Yolks on Him, Casketball Diaries, They Came They Sawed

Trunk Load of Laughs
Episode 129

Banana Split, Donald McDonald, Whose Line Dance is it Anyway?

Showered with Gags
Episode 130

Deconstruction Worker, Blind Taste Test, Teetering on Greatness

Taking the Plunge, The Laughter Express, Lip Shtick

Behold Old Prankful
Episode 132

Port-A-Party, Killer Comedy, Princess of Pranks

Bye-Bye Bride, Cream Pie Wars, The Pond Prankster