Episode 101

For a chance at a better life for his kids and as a way to give back to the community he serves, Eddie Sutton, an idealistic L.A. cop, moves his family to a house in Lincoln Heights, a rough inner-city neighborhood. The transition isn’t easy as the Suttons discover the harsh realities of living in their new home. Can Eddie balance doing good for his neighborhood and doing right by his family?

Episode 102

Eddie is investigated by Internal Affairs for shooting Donelle, and the fallout from the incident affects all the Suttons. It could mean Eddie his job, and Cassie’s testimony could be the thing that brings him down.

Episode 103

Cassie is torn between Charles and Val, a new guy at school, but Val isn’t who he pretends to be. Meanwhile, Eddie works a case that hits a little too close to home and Lizzie must decide whether to betray a friend’s confidence.

Episode 104

Cassie and Charles inch towards something more than friendship, while an obsessive boyfriend stalks Jenn’s sister Vera and causes alarm for the whole family. On the job, Eddie tries to get a witness to come forward about a crime and uncovers a horrible truth.

Episode 105

Eddie is on the frontlines of a bank robbery while Jenn watches the drama play out from the hospital and worries about the effects Eddie’s job is having on their family. Meanwhile, Tay wonders if playing the clarinet is keeping him from making friends in the neighborhood.

Baby Doe
Episode 106

Eddie and Jenn find an abandoned baby in a dumpster and both become involved in finding the mother of the child. Lizzie has her first crush, and Eddie must come to term with Cassie’s feelings for Charles.

Episode 107

Eddie’s past and present collide when a drive-by shooting stirs up painful memories from his childhood. Meanwhile, Tay learns what it means to stand up for himself.

Episode 108

Eddie faces threats from a new crime boss that make him worry about his family’s safety. Cassie enters the
workforce and gets a rude awakening, while Lizzie gets an image makeover and the results aren’t so pretty.

Episode 109

Lizzie is kidnapped and the Suttons are thrown into a race against time to get her back. Eddie walks a dangerous
line between playing by the book and taking matters into his own hands, and he and Jenn wonder if it’s time to
leave Lincoln Heights.

Episode 110

“Kevin is missing and the police suspect him of being a dirty cop. It’s up to Eddie to prove them wrong or come to
terms with a harsh surprise. Lizzie copes with her memories of being kidnapped and Cassie learns something
about Charles that threatens their relationship.”

Tricks and Treats
Episode 111

When Eddie’s childhood sweetheart is a witness to a crime, it’s up to the Suttons to protect her and her son. But
her current profession and some old resentments make for an uncomfortable situation. Cassie faces a tough
decision when it comes to Charles, and Lizzie stands up to a neighborhood bully.

House Arrest
Episode 112

There’s a clash of generations at the Sutton home when Jenn and Eddie’s fathers show up for Tay’s coming of
age party. Out on the streets, Eddie sees his chance for nabbing Bishop once and for all, but will it slip through
his fingers?

The “F” Word
Episode 113

While they are still discussing if they should leave their home, the Suttons receive an offer for the house. But
the news isn’t changing the fact that they are liking their new home and the new experiences they had since
they moved, despite all the dramatic incidents. Meanwhile, Bishop is still on the loose and Eddie is afraid that
Bishop is ready to take his revenge on him and on his family.