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When the Big Woods of Wisconsin becomes a difficult spot for hunting, Charles Ingalls reluctantly decides to move his family to Kansas’s more open and fertile land. Leaving their beloved relatives proves to be devastating, but the resiliency of the Ingalls spirit reigns supreme as they head out in their covered wagon. Along the way, Charles falls in love with the lush openness of the Indian Territory, and he quickly settles there with his wife and three young daughters. A kindly man named Isaiah Edwards helps Charles build a house, and Laura develops an instant fondness for him, but Caroline takes longer to accept his gruff nature. Joyous times are mixed with sad ones as the family deals with wolves, Christmas celebrations, Indian encounters, new births, fires, and above all, the unnerving realization that maintaining a stable, permanent homestead is not as easy as it looks, especially when they have decided to place their footprints on Native American soil.

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