Editor’s note: In this eight-part series, interior design experts and twins sisters Heidi Andrews and Heather Fujikawa (from UPtv’s “Design Twins”) will bring you simple tips to make your living space more joyful this Christmas.

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Episode 8: Decorating Your Table

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a table full of the people you love during the holiday season. Whether it’s friends or family, a long table full of your favorite foods and conversation with loved ones is what makes the holidays so special. Today, we wanted to share some of our best tips for decorating your holiday table so that it’s functional and practical, but still a beautiful design statement piece.


Doesn’t time always seem to get away from us during the holidays? It seems that every year the month of December moves a little faster. Something that our aunt always did when we were growing up that we’ve adopted as adults, is setting the Christmas table a few days early. It’s one less thing you have to think about on the holiday, and since it’s going to be so beautifully designed, it’s a great centerpiece for the design you have in the rest of the house.


Don’t have 12 sets of matching silverware and place settings? Feel free to mix and match! As long as you’re alternating between place settings, it will look intentional. We mixed our gold silverware with traditional silver… and it looks great!


Your centerpiece doesn’t always have to be floral. This year, we used a beautiful cake from Sara Mack Cakes — that we planned to cut after dinner — as our centerpiece. You can always use layered candles or small trees… whatever works with your decor!


We love to add texture to any space we design, and a Christmas tablescape is no different. We start with our Joyful Living table runner at the base — which always helps to keep the conversation flowing — and then layer assorted small and large items on top. No matter how you decorate your table this Christmas, as long as your table is full of the people you love… it will be a successful holiday!