When newspaper reporter Lorenzo Colt (Zachary Booth) is targeted while wearing NYPD gear on a ride-along with Jamie and Eddie, Frank puts Danny and Baez on the hunt for the shooter who may be out for other members on the force.

Erin’s attempt to convict a slippery mob boss for an old murder is muddled when her former informant, Vincent (Dan Hedaya), leaves witness protection to provide his old boss with an alibi.

Amy teaches Lyndy how to barrel race. Logan’s father arrives at Heartland. Jessica seeks distraction from a disappointment in New York. Katie gets her ears pierced, causing a fight with Lou.

Amy leads an overnight trail ride to help with Jessica’s new photography job. On the ride, Amy and Jack have a disagreement about Finn. Lou’s latest mayoral event upsets Rick.

Amy and Lou go on a road trip to stop a Miracle Girl imposter. Tim puts on a rodeo school showcase, but a series of mysterious events threaten the show. Amy questions if she should visit Finn.

Amy agrees to let Logan take the lead with a new client horse. A furious Tim goes after the person responsible for Jack’s accident. Lou struggles to reconnect with Katie.

The HOPE Center hosts a charity rodeo to raise money. During practice, a man sexually harasses a woman; Trivette rescues her, but the man is accidentally killed by his own hand. The dead man's father decides that Trivette must die.

An employee at a research facility realizes his company is making sarin nerve gas and plans to release it. The man asks his brother Danny to help collect evidence for the police. They are caught; the man is killed and Danny hit by a car.

Vanessa takes Mike's advice to expand her tutoring business but becomes frustrated when he gets too involved; Kyle works to become a powerful entrepreneur.

Mike and Vanessa disagree over how Eve should handle the situation when her boyfriend doesn't invite her to a family event. Kristin and Ryan doubt Mandy and Kyle's ability to find clues in an escape room.

Mike and Vanessa think it's time for newlyweds Mandy and Kyle to move out, but when Chuck relays some unexpected news about Kyle's absentee mom, Mike has second thoughts.

When Mandy job shadows Mike at The Outdoor Man, her textbook conflict resolution skills differ from Mike's experience-based approach, and she unintentionally causes a dispute between Chuck and Joe.

After avoiding expressing emotion after his dad died, Mike finally has the heart-to-heart with Bud that he never had while he was alive. Meanwhile, Kristin proposes a new business venture.

Kyra punches a girl at school who has bad-mouthed Cheyenne; Van helps Jake with his science project.

Kyra escapes to Reba’s house because Brock and Barbra Jean are fighting; Van and Cheyenne appear on a cable television sports show.

Barbra Jean fixes Reba up on a blind date that does not go as expected; Van buys a car without consulting Cheyenne.

Reba’s inner bad girl scratches Van’s beloved vintage sports car while secretly driving it, but both Barbra Jean and Cheyenne think they are responsible. Reba’s inner good girl cannot decide whether to take the blame.

Barbra Jean worries that Brock is cheating on her, but he is actually seeing a therapist; Kyra’s boyfriend breaks up with her.

Barbra Jean and Reba’s fight about Brock taking antidepressants threatens to spoil Cheyenne’s 21st birthday; Brock wonders how to tell Kyra he is seeing a therapist; Van wonders what Cheyenne wants for her birthday.

Barbra Jean and Brock’s marital problems worsen when Barbra Jean wants to have another baby; Van and Cheyenne try to rent a penthouse apartment.

When Jamie is caught on camera committing what could be construed as police brutality at an anti-policy demonstration, Frank is forced to turn the case over to Internal Affairs.

When Danny and his family are threatened by Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi), a serial killer Danny has been unable to apprehend, Linda’s concern intensifies over her husband’s job as well as the state of their marriage.

When a homicide case ends in a hung jury, Erin is forced to take over the case from her colleague, ADA Kelly Blake (Diane Neal), and with the help of DA investigator Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa), find a missing witness.

A surprise visitor causes Amy to see Finn differently. A weekend trip to the cabin has Jack struggling with his past while Katie finally opens up. Lou and Peter’s dinner party doesn’t go as planned.

Amy helps Lisa with Platinum Bow. Tim has a difficult visit with Shane. Katie leads a strike at Maggie’s. Jack reconnects with his country music roots.

Amy helps Georgie rediscover her passion for showjumping. Lou’s surprised when Peter announces he’s moving to Heartland. A Winter Fair allows Tim to help Jessica and his rodeo school.

Men dressed as Santa's rob the armored trucks picking up donations from Santa bell ringers. Gang members rob a church where former gang members attend, causing the church goers to get in contact with their gang again.

A criminal whose operations Walker and the others have been foiling decides to take them out, so has one of his men plant a bomb when they're all together.

Trivette is giving a criminology lecture at the University. Afterwards, one of the students asks Trivette to help her prove that her father is innocent of a crime he was convicted of.

When city girl and actress, Isabella, lands a dream role as a rancher, the studio sends her to live on a ranch to learn the ropes but she soon discovers the rancher, Hunter, is too busy trying to save his ranch from ruin to help make her dreams come true.…

On her 35th birthday, Lexi discovers who she secretly always was... a royal Princess. She now has two weeks to find a suitable date for the royal gala under the watchful eye of her handsome but infuriating bodyguard, Noah.

Enlisting the help of his friend Liz, Matt tries using classic romantic comedy movies as a model to win back his ex-girlfriend, only to find he might be wooing the wrong girl.

When spoiled rich girl Kimberly loses her family fortune, she finds work in a sporting goods store to make ends meet and falls for her boss, Michael.

When Danny and Baez suspect a little girl might be the victim of a kidnapping, the girl’s mother denies it, but her story doesn’t add up.

Charlie gets a break in a long-unsolved kidnapping case that has haunted him, but runs into trouble when the abductee refuses his help.

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Aspiring cop Ellie and her husband Martin temporarily move in with Ellie's parents while she waits for an opening in the sheriff's department. Their romance is challenged when Ellie works to solve a string of thefts in their new gated community.

A Chinese diplomat who is a friend of Walker's is in the country to bring some students to his country. Later when one of Chinese Embassy staff turns up dead Walker and the others investigate. 

Dallas prepares for a ceremony to promote unity among the races. A white supremacist group goes to Dallas with the intent of placing bombs to destroy the unity. Gage takes a young boy under his wing to keep him from joining a gang.

When Detective Steven Nimh who infiltrated the organization of Billy Lo and has given Walker very useful information about Lo's operations. Walker feeling that Lo might be suspecting that he has a mole in his organization wants Nimh to pull out.

When a gangbanger dies after Jamie chases him away from the boy he is mentoring, Jamie’s conduct is called into question.

When an officer is accused of using excessive force on a suspect, Frank finds his department under scrutiny from the community and the mayor.

Danny and Baez investigate a homicide in which Baez’s estranged brother, a former drug addict, is the lead suspect.

Danny’s loyalty is tested when he is assigned to the case of a childhood friend, Mickey, who is under investigation for having ties to an infamous mob family.

When Danny learns from Nicky that there’s a deadly new brand of heroin hitting the streets, he begins an all-out manhunt for the distributor.

Danny and Baez must track down a Marine veteran who Danny thinks is suffering from PTSD. Meanwhile, Frank is caught off-guard during a press conference.

Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Tiffany Lamp, a popular drag queen from a reality television show who was found murdered in a local park.

When Danny and Baez investigate the kidnapping of a young girl who disappeared after school, it brings back difficult memories for Danny, who worked on a similar unsolved case many years ago.

Jack faces the truth about his rift with Al Cotter. Lou and Peter take the next step in their relationship. Georgie makes a decision about her future, while Amy sees her own future in a new light.

In their attempt to rescue a horse, Amy and her mother experience an accident, forcing Amy and the rest of the Bartlett family to pick up the pieces.

An "Open House" at Heartland allows Amy to demonstrate her ability, despite accusations from Val, and helps to bring in business.

The Rangers stop a baby kidnapping ring that sells the infants to parents desperate for a baby. Also, a property owner wants his tenants out of the apartment building, so he plants a bomb with the people inside.

Reba suspects that Brock and Barbra Jean’s separation is having an impact on Kyra, but she does not realize that Kyra is in effect babysitting Barbra Jean.

Barbra Jean convinces Reba to accompany her to bars, where they meet a lot of men; Van’s explanation of the birds and the bees to Jake requires revision by Reba.

A top agent will represent Van if she approves of his family, but Reba must pretend she is gay because the agent is a lesbian.

The announcement of Van’s trade to Denver devastates Cheyenne; Kyra intervenes so that Barbra Jean and Brock will start talking again.

Reba gets dragged into therapy with Brock and Barbra Jean; Cheyenne is less than welcoming when Van makes his first visit home from Denver.

Reba forces Brock to choose between his dental practice and pro golf; Van worries that living part time in Denver makes him a bad father.

Kyra wants to move back to Reba’s house because she thinks her father hates her; Cheyenne packs each of Van’s visits with so many activities that he wants to leave early.

Mandy nearly gives up on her dream of becoming a fashion designer when she is faced with rejection. Vanessa looks back at her own career path, which stirs up regrets.

Boyd insists he, Mike and Ryan take a trip together, forcing the men to get along, Meanwhile, Mandy and Kyle pretend to be detectives when they suspect Ed was involved in a long-ago murder.

Mike struggles to find common ground with the new foreign exchange student, fearing she is being too polite with him. Plus, Kyle and Chuck mess with Ed's ancestry results.

Mike and Vanessa take the girls to the family cabin, where Mike challenges them to unplug for the weekend and stay off their phones; for a school assignment, Jen shadows Kyle at work.

Danny is interrogated by the District Attorney’s investigator when his ex-partner is accused of planting evidence in order to wrap up a homicide case.

When Frank’s first partner announces plans to publish a book filled with stories of their early days on the force, Frank worries about his personal stories being made public.

When a local mobster is gunned down in his car, Danny and Baez try to get information from the mob’s low-level errand boy they find tied up in the trunk before the gang retaliates.

When a well-regarded, newly retired NYPD lieutenant is accused of shooting a group of potential muggers on the subway and then disappears, Frank must deal with the fallout.

Just as Walker and Alex are about to go on their honeymoon, the assassin who was hired to kill Alex and whose partner Walker killed, sets out to get them. And he's determined to do it. Even if he has to bring down the plane they're on.

The Rangers stop a baby kidnapping ring that sells the infants to parents desperate for a baby. Also, a property owner wants his tenants out of the apartment building, so he plants a bomb with the people inside.

Walker, Trivette, Alex, Gage and Cooke go to another city to play baseball with the city's police department. Alex meets with the D.A. who is a friend to talk about a major drug bust they made

Reba allows Kyra to have her new boyfriend at the house as long as he does not go upstairs; Cheyenne decides to decorate Van’s Denver apartment.

Van learns he has a career-ending condition; he receives a payout from the team but begins to blow the money on gifts for the family.

Unable to play football, Van hires a nanny for Elizabeth and spends his time having fun; Barbra Jean wants Reba’s help in asking Brock to return home.

Reba gets fired for getting angry at her boss and, to gain experience as a realtor, she convinces Brock and Barbra Jean to let her sell the condo; Van champions Kyra’s rock band.

Cheyenne gets a little too close to the father of Elizabeth’s playmate; not knowing whom they are emailing, Reba and Brock flirt through online poker.

As Boyd's sense of adventure grows, Mike and Kristen have a different opinion on how much space they should give him; when Mandy and Kyle move into their apartment, they find Ryan isn't a fun landlord.

When Ed and Bonnie start spending more time together, Vanessa doesn't want Mike to interfere with their relationship; Mandy and Kyle eavesdrop on Kristin and Ryan through their new home security system.

In an effort to help get her clothing line off the ground and into stores, Mike invites Mandy to sit in on a business meeting with an aggressive sales rep; Ed hires Kyle to transcribe his life story.

Frank and Danny work together to help Nick Constantine (Michael Nouri), a rehabilitated ex-con who Frank put away years ago, when Constantine becomes involved in the murder of an old enemy.

While hunting for a robbery crew on a wild crime spree, Danny and Baez partner with Detective Jimmy Mosley (Johnathon Schaech), a detective from another precinct who broke Baez’s heart years ago.

Prize-winning rider Nick Harwell stops by Heartland. Mallory discovers a crooked ranch-hand who plans to sell a herd of wild mustangs to a slaughterhouse.

A new drug called the White Buffalo hits the streets and Alex, Sydney and a young child find the drug dealers while they are hiking. Sydney is shot by the drug dealers. Walker investigates a buffalo statue that appears to be crying tears.

A man who calls himself The Chairman talks with various mob bosses and informs them that he knows who among their people are undercover operatives sent by the government.

Walker and his team are still searching for the man who is eliminating undercover agents. He gets a lead when the son of a mobster goes to people who pay his father for protection asking for more. 

Reba tries to get a job with the biggest real estate agent in Houston, but the surprise interview takes unexpected turns as the agent sells inappropriate real estate to Reba’s family.

When Kyra gets her drivers license, Reba gives her a cell phone with a tracking device; Cheyenne feels that her life is over early.

Brock persuades Reba to let Jake play football, but the boy plays poorly; trying to train Jake forces Van to grapple with his unresolved feelings about his father.

Reba hires Van to be her real estate assistant, but then finds she is jealous when Van exhibits natural selling ability.

At Van’s urging, Cheyenne attends an alcoholics meeting, but her eager embracing of the program drives the family crazy; Kyra’s band is invited to do an out-of-town performance.

Cheyenne takes up smoking as a diversion from craving alcohol, tempting other family members to smoke; Reba accidentally takes a pill of Cheyenne’s that makes the consumer violently ill when drinking alcohol.

Barbra Jean signs up Reba for an online dating service. Reba begins dating one man regularly, but the family realize they miss all the work she does and set out to break up her relationship.

Timid Reba and Van buy a house to flip; Barbra Jean develops a relationship with an operator employee for their car navigation system.

Mike and Chuck get their game on when Ed has a pinball machine installed in the office. Elsewhere, Kristen and Mandy become jealous of a poem Vanessa wrote for Jen.

When Mandy and Kyle are hesitant to move out of the Baxter household and into their own place, Mike gives them some tough love; Ed and Chuck try to avoid contributing to Boyd's theater fundraiser.

Mike and Chuck's plans to open a classic car renovation service crash when Joe is invited to join in. Also, Vanessa realises that Mandy is tricking Kyle into doing all their married chores.

After a chat with Bonnie, Mike struggles to balance his need for Me Time and finding common hobbies with Vanessa. Meanwhile, Kyle and Ryan mourn the passing of their favourite fantasy writer.

Mike tries to figure out what to get Vanessa for a business anniversary gift; Kristin and Mandy try to get out of Kyle's Outdoor Man HR orientation.

When serial killer Thomas Wilder (Louis Cancelmi) attaches a message to his latest victim that taunts Danny, their deadly game of cat and mouse becomes personal for Danny.

When a key eyewitness in a murder trial flees out of fear of retaliation, Erin and Anthony spearhead their own two-person manhunt to find him and convince him to testify.

Frank, the Mayor, Erin and the DA’s office contend with public outrage after a grand jury doesn’t indict an NYPD officer for the controversial shooting of a teenager that was caught on video.

Danny arrives at a crime scene and finds a woman dead from a stray bullet that was the result of a shootout in front of her home between two warring gangs.

Walker sets out to go after the Chairman. He decides to go after his clients. He decides to start with a man Rosetti knows who is now in Miami. He sends Rosetti, Trivette, Gage and Cooke. 

A man joins burglars to make money to feed his family. When things go wrong, he is killed. His wife and baby escape, but she has to abandon her baby with Alex. Alex cares for the baby while the case is solved. Alex learns she is pregnant.

An ambulance bringing a liver to a young girl for transplant is hijacked by a group of bank robbers. The Rangers have little time to track down the thieves and get the liver.

Charlie gets a break in a long-unsolved kidnapping case that has haunted him, but runs into trouble when the abductee refuses his help.

Reba takes in a family that has evacuated from New Orleans, then feels guilty when she wants them to leave.

Cheyenne shocks the family by declaring that she no longer wants to be a dentist—she wants to help people; Barbra Jean’s overenthusiastic response to jury duty irritates the judge and jurors.

Barbra Jean’s threatening alcoholic brother arrives at Reba’s house for Thanksgiving while Barbra Jean is gone to Lubbock to see him.

Mike tries to avoid hurting Vanessa's feelings due to her snoring. Meanwhile, Mandy goes overboard preparing for the arrival of Kristin and Ryan's new baby.

Mike and Vanessa each try to influence Jen's career path, while Kristin uses her pregnancy to her advantage with Outdoor Man customers.

One evening, Gormley goes outside his home in Bensonhurst to tell a gang of kids, drinking beer and making a racket, to keep it down. But instead they turn on him and beat him senseless.

A prominent Latina community organizer is arrested at a workers’ rights protest and charged with “inciting a riot” and “felony vandalism.”

When a young woman collapses on the steps of the precinct, Danny and Baez investigate what initially looks like a simple drug overdose case, but turns out to be a homicide.

When Erin enlists Anthony’s help to gather more evidence in a case, Danny, the original detective on the case, gets upset that someone else is questioning his investigation, but Erin forces them to put their egos aside and work together.

Amy is having a hard time keeping up with school, chores and competing on her dad's gift, the show jumper, Storm.

Things go awry at the spring cattle drive when the rivalry between Ty and Caleb for Amy's affections turns into a fistfight that triggers a stampede.

Walker takes in a young boxing prodigy after the boy's parents are killed in a car accident. Meanwhile, Rangers Sydney and Gage go undercover to take down a drug ring.

Boomer Knight runs a youth center in a gang neighborhood to keep the children from joining the gangs. Walker helps him organize basketball tournaments. The drug dealers try to intervene by kidnapping Boomer.

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Reba and Van must attend therapy because of their incessant bickering at work; Brock consults a sleep counselor and learns that his problem is Barbra Jean’s fault.

Reba cares for Brock when he develops kidney stones while Barbra Jean is out of town; Cheyenne feels unappreciated when she volunteers at a homeless shelter.

As Brock and Reba are about to be audited by the IRS, Brock confides that an illegal tax shelter he did not tell her about could cost a bundle; Van pretends to be the perfect husband on a panel in Cheyenne’s class.

To pay off his and Reba’s tax debt, Brock decides to sell the house and move to Las Vegas; distraught Barbra Jean does not want to leave Reba.

While everyone economizes to pay Reba and Brock’s tax bill, Van and Cheyenne fight about who controls the money in their marriage; Jake sells a banned substance at school.

Mike's offer to help Jen with her school's bake sale goes up in smoke; Kyle finds unlikely advice from Joe on where he should enroll in college.

When Mandy worries about Kyle passing his first college exam, she secretly enlists Vanessa, Jen and Ryan to help tutor him. Mike learns of Ed and Chuck's superstition involving their decision-making.

Mike finds out that Ed is skipping Outdoorman's Annual Bass Festival in favour of Bonnie's fancy art gala; Mandy takes over festival planning for Kristin and things don't go as planned.

When Mike and Vanessa invite Jen's father to her graduation, Jen struggles with accepting his "plus one," his girlfriend Fiona; the Outdoor Man crew debates over which word was said in a viral audio recording.

A car restoration article throws Mike, Chuck, and Ed into the spotlight while leaving Joe feeling unappreciated. Meanwhile, Ryan overacts after taking Kyle's psych test.

Mike's willpower is put to the test when Vanessa challenges him to go vegetarian for a week; Ed trolls ventriloquist Jeff Dunham on social media; Mandy and Kyle move into Kristin and Ryan's guest house.

On the eve of her birthday, Vanessa refuses to believe that she needs to slow down, going above and beyond on her grandma responsibilities; Joe puts Mike's friendship to the test.

Frank is faced with a moral and professional dilemma when a priest comes to him and reveals he has knowledge about a missing teenage girl but cannot share that information because he is bound by the Seal of the Confessional.