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Hit Family Drama

Monday at 6:00 am ET

About Heartland

A family drama series set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, “Heartland” follows life on the Heartland ranch as Amy Fleming (Amber Marshall), her older sister Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Grandfather Jack (Shaun Johnston) deal with the challenges of running the ranch that has been in their family for generations. Heartland is not like any other ranch — it is a horse ranch with a special mission of treating troubled or neglected horses and finding them new homes, and Amy has inherited her late mother’s uncanny ability to work with, understand and help heal those horses.

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Coming Home
Episode 101

In their attempt to rescue a horse, Amy and her mother experience an accident, forcing Amy and the rest of the Bartlett family to pick up the pieces.

After The Storm
Episode 102

As things begin to settle at Heartland, Val Stanton spreads rumors and Ty misses a visit from his probation officer.

Breaking Free
Episode 103

An "Open House" at Heartland allows Amy to demonstrate her ability, despite accusations from Val, and helps to bring in business.

Taking Chances
Episode 104

A new guy, Ben, is staying at Heartland and wreaks havoc on Amy and Ty's relationship.

The Best Laid Plan
Episode 105

Lou drives friends and family to distraction as she arranges to have a video made to promote Heartland.

One Trick Pony
Episode 106

Lou's New York boyfriend Carl comes to visit, but his big city ways clash with the ranch's more laid-back style.

Come What May
Episode 107

A pregnant mare, riding lessons, a horse show, and a cattle roundup prove challenging for all.

Out of the Darkness
Episode 108

Amy tries to help a champion stallion and his trainer, who were injured by a stable fire. Mallory dispenses relationship advice.

Ghost From the Past
Episode 109

Amy and Lou take in an elderly neighbor's pony and Ty's old girlfriend from the juvenile group home shows up looking for him.

Born to Run
Episode 110

Prize-winning rider Nick Harwell stops by Heartland. Mallory discovers a crooked ranch-hand who plans to sell a herd of wild mustangs to a slaughterhouse.

Thicker Than Water
Episode 111

Amy and Lou invite their dad for lunch while Jack and Lisa take a fishing trip. Ty practices his cattle-roping skills.

Rising From the Ashes
Episode 112

A barn fire brings life at Heartland to a halt, including Lou's plan to move back to New York.

Coming Together
Episode 113

Amy competes with Ashley Stanton at a horse show and Spartan's abusive owner attempts to take him back.