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Hit Sitcom Starring Reba McEntire

Monday at 3:00 pm ET

About Reba

Country music superstar and entertainment icon Reba McEntire stars as a single mom of three navigating life in a Houston suburb.

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Locked and Loaded

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Cheyenne’s Rival

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Episode 101

Middle-aged Texas mom Reba struggles with a failed marriage, husband’s girlfriend, smart-mouthed children and a pregnant teenage daughter.

Reba clashes with a high school principal who wants to expel Reba’s pregnant teenage daughter.

Reba tries to control Cheyenne’s marriage and Brock’s visits with Jake.

Tea and Antipathy

Episode 104

Cheyenne and Van plan to move in with his uppercrust parents.

You Make Me Sick

Episode 105

Cheyenne suffers from morning sickness, while Reba discovers a friend no longer approves of her lifestyle.

The Steaks are High

Episode 106

Reba serves the wrong potato salad to the football team.

The Man and the Moon

Episode 107

A handyman romances reluctant Reba, while a photo of Cheyenne’s derriere ends up on the Web.

Van must pass a history test in order to play football; Kyra takes up the tuba because she has a crush on a boy.

A photograph convinces Reba that Brock cheated on her before they separated; Van goes overboard trying to be a good dad.

Barbra Jean’s spending ruins Reba’s credit; Cheyenne and Van practice parenting skills on Kyra.

Meet the Parents

Episode 111

When Reba’s parents visit, her mother grows too fond of Barbra Jean; Cheyenne and Van try to ensure a long, happy marriage.

Reba takes a job as a substitute teacher at the high school and quickly gets in trouble for counseling students about marriage and sex.

Vanny Dearest

Episode 113

Reba engineers a reunion between Van and his estranged mother, but Van’s mother becomes a permanent fixture in Reba’s home.

Brock’s Swan Song

Episode 114

Brock enlists Reba’s aid when his estranged father dies; Van does not think he can be a good father to a little girl.

When Brock and Reba’s divorce becomes final, Reba dates a man she dumped in college.

He’s Having a Baby

Episode 116

Van enjoys Lamaze class, but impending childbirth scares Cheyenne; Reba is hurt by Brock’s intention to be a better father to his new child.

Reba refuses Barbra Jean’s many invitations to the wedding; Kyra considers not attending.

Reba insists that Van and Cheyenne earn half the price of a car, but Reba ends up doing all the work for both their jobs.

Labor of Love

Episode 119

Reba rushes Brock to Barbra Jean’s side when she goes into labor early; Van and Cheyenne ponder a move to Los Angeles for college.

When Brock becomes distracted by his infant son, he has less time to spend with Jake….and Reba tries to compensate by being both mother and father.

The King and I

Episode 121

Van fixes the election so that Cheyenne can be prom queen; Brock and Reba worry that Kyra is becoming interested in boys at too young an age.

Cheyenne hides the fact that she has gone into labor so she can graduate with her class; Reba remembers significant moments in Cheyenne’s life.