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Last Man Standing

Hit Sitcom Starring Tim Allen


About Last Man Standing

In the hit sitcom ‘Last Man Standing’ starring Tim Allen, a married father of three tries to maintain his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women.

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Back to School
Episode 301

Mike learns that Kyle's new-found interest in philosophy is distracting him from his work, while he also worries about Boyd attending a bilingual school.

Driving Lessons
Episode 302

Despite having a good time teaching Eve how to drive, Mike thinks Vanessa should take over so she and Eve can bond; Mandy is annoyed by Mike's endless requests for Kyle to do work around the house.

Episode 303

Vanessa encourages Mandy to enjoy college life and join a sorority, and Ed goes undercover to investigate what is happening with the productivity levels on The Outdoor Man loading dock.

Ryan vs. John Baker
Episode 304

Kristin finds herself comparing her boyfriend to John Baker (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), the ambitious owner of the restaurant she manages.

Haunted House
Episode 305

Vanessa takes over the Halloween Haunted House at Boyd's school. They let Boyd go through the haunt before the party to make sure it is scary, but it turns out to be far too frightening.

The Baxter's neighbor, Chuck Larabee, is running for the school board. However, Mike does not like the neighbours, and their campaign signs mysteriously disappear.

Shoveling Snow
Episode 307

When Eve's laid off neighbor beats her to starting her annual snow shovelling business, Mike gives her a lesson on capitalism and the free market, and helps to get the neighbour a job at the store.

Vanessa Fixes Kyle
Episode 308

Since Vanessa is feeling guilty after encouraging Mandy to break up with the sometimes clueless Kyle, she is determined to mend things, but her sincere efforts only seem to make a bad situation worse.

Episode 309

It's Thanksgiving Day in the Baxter house and Mike's father, Bud, takes everyone by surprise when he announces his plans for a career change and to open a recreational marijuana store.

Episode 310

After giving his great-grandson Boyd a spanking, Bud is surprised that Mike agrees with Kristen and Ryan about not using that style of discipline as a last resort.

Episode 311

Vanessa gives Boyd a "magical" elf doll, but Ryan tries to convince her that it's just an ordinary doll. Unfortunately, he is dealing with the wrong one, and Mandy goes all out for the housekeeper, Blanca.

All About Eve
Episode 312

Eve proudly posts one of Mike's politically charged vlogs on her Facebook page and the kids at her school start giving her a hard time for her views.

Breaking Boyd
Episode 313

When Boyd becomes a problem at school because he resists sitting still in class and gets bored easily, a school counselor suggests he take medication for ADHD.

When tasked with researching the namesake of his school, Boyd gets a little help from Kristin and Ryan. His report ends up causing outrage, prompting the school to reconsider its name.

Episode 315

A large bouquet of roses is delivered anonymously to the Baxter's house on Valentine's Day, but Vanessa knows they're not for her because Mike doesn't believe in the frivolity of flowers on a Hallmark holiday.

Stud Muffin
Episode 316

The Baxters' neighbour Chuck Larabee stops by with his German Shepherd, Lady, to let them know that their tiny dog, Muffin, has impregnated his dog. Vanessa learns that chuck has separated from Carol.

Eve’s Boyfriend
Episode 317

Eve refuses to talk about her new boyfriend; Kristin and Mandy are concerned when they think Eve and her boyfriend will both be going on the same junior ROTC overnight camping trip.

Project Mandy
Episode 318

For a class project, Mandy has to showcase her clothing designs at a student fashion show and asks Eve to fill in as a model. After the show, Mandy announces her plan to quit school and start her career.

Hard-Ass Teacher
Episode 319

Eve really wants to go to West Point College, but needs to get perfect grades in order to do so, forcing her to get along with her strict math teacher.

Parenting Bud
Episode 320

Bud is attacked while unloading his car and Mike wants him to learn how to defend himself. Vanessa discusses with the girls who should take care of her and Mike when they get older.

April, Come She Will
Episode 321

April is in town and wants to have a baby, even though she is no longer fertile. She asks Mike and Vanessa for $6,000 so she can pay for a donor, but the two don't think that's a good idea.

Mutton Busting
Episode 322

With some guidance from Mike, Ryan convinces an overprotective Kristin to let Boyd participate in the mutton-busting competition at the rodeo.