Editor’s note: In this eight-part series, interior design experts and twins sisters Heidi Andrews and Heather Fujikawa (from UPtv’s “Design Twins”) will bring you simple tips to make your living space more joyful this Christmas.

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Episode 2: Go ahead… have a second helping of Thanksgiving.

The holidays might be the best time of year, but it’s also the busiest time of year. It’s so easy to start to lose track of meaningful relationships with how much is on the calendar, which is one of the reasons we love to have a ‘Friendsgiving’. If you aren’t familiar with ‘Friendsgiving’, it’s a separate Thanksgiving dinner that you hold for friends to gather and enjoy a meal together. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of another gathering on the calendar, we wanted to share some ways that we make Friendsgiving easy.

The only thing that looks more amazing than that turkey is the festive decor adorning the table.

We always pick a shared venue — whether we rent a place, use a clubhouse in someone’s neighborhood, or just head to the local park. We’ve found that when one person doesn’t have to have the responsibility of hosting, the day is easier.

Instead of having one person responsible for cooking, we always go potluck. This way you get a full meal without the burden of the work being on one person.

With a potluck-style “Friendsgiving” celebration, many hands make light work.

For the decor, it’s so fun to bring in seasonal greenery or pumpkins to dance down the table. We love using Michaels faux greenery and cute Thanksgiving decor to add some design to our table.

Once your Friendsgiving is done, it’s the perfect time to gather around and watch Christmas movies with friends. Make sure you’re using the hashtag #ChristmasMovieChristmas as you enjoy your favorite classics on UPtv.

We hope our Thanksgiving tips will allow for more relaxing, more talking, and more laughing with your friends and family this holiday season.

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