Editor’s note: In this eight-part series, interior design experts and twins sisters Heidi Andrews and Heather Fujikawa (from UPtv’s “Design Twins”) will bring you simple tips to make your living space more joyful this Christmas.

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Episode 1: Christmas decor basics… and a baby on the way!

It’s no secret that Christmas is our favorite time of the year, so we’re so excited to be back on UPtv.com this holiday season to bring you some of our favorite tips for making the season bright.

We wanted our ‘Design Twins Joyful Christmas’ webisodes to be a place where you can find Christmas decor tips, fun DIY projects for the holidays, and some inspiration for your household. Like we said on Season 1 of “Design Twins” on UPtv, we’re firm believers that families can have nice things, even during the holidays when so many glass ornaments and breakable decorations are around.

Have little ones? Consider keeping ornaments on higher branches and out of reach.

We have a few updates since you last left us in Season 1 that we’re excited to share with you. Heidi and her family have moved back to California for her husband’s job, and they are enjoying the warm weather and family time in the sun. I am pregnant with our fourth little one, and we’re so excited to be bringing our first little girl into the family this Valentine’s Day. Even though we’re not currently living on the same coast, Heidi and I are glad we’re able to continue working together remotely, with the magic of lots of e-mails and lots of long phone calls.

One more reason to celebrate this holiday season: baby Fujikawa is due in February of 2020.

One of the best times to reconnect is during the holidays, which is one of the reasons we’re so excited to be working together for ‘Design Twins Joyful Christmas’. We’re inspired every holiday season by our families, and the reason for the season. We try to find decor each Christmas that’s not just meaningful to why we celebrate Christmas, but also keeps up with the latest design trends and aesthetics.

This year, we’re loving to bring the outdoors in with fresh greenery, and a fun, modern color wheel. We think that beautiful holiday design should be accessible to everyone, and should never break the bank. We’re thrilled to bring you our best tips and tricks this holiday season as you watch our holiday webisodes.

Eye-catching ornaments combined with a touch of nature make for Christmas decor that’s both festive and elegant.