The Bates family has an extra reason to be thankful this holiday season — there’s another grandbaby on the way! Whitney and Zach Bates are pregnant with their fourth child. COVID-19 presented some challenges that the couple had to navigate, but the parents — and big brother and sisters — are ecstatic about the upcoming family addition.

Zach and Whitney shared the following with

We are SOO excited to share the news that we are expecting baby #4 in June 2021! There’s no way to describe the joy in our hearts right now. It feels like all of our free time is spent talking about and planning for this new little blessing that will soon fill our home with smiles and giggles. Brad & Kaci are already trying to guess the gender, and we feel like each day is a celebration just anticipating baby number four joining our family!

Shortly after we found out we were pregnant, Zach unfortunately contracted COVID-19 at his work, and I ended up testing positive as well. It was a rough couple weeks for our family, with a lot of prayers going up for the new baby, but we thankfully have all recovered and feel healthy again. Knowing that COVID-19 can cause side effects in pregnancies, even after it has run its course, we are working closely with Dr. Vick to ensure the health and safety of our new little one, and so far everything is looking perfect! We greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers and thank you for all your love and support and excitement for our family through this special time!

Zach, the oldest of the 19 Bates kids, is one of two family members who is looking ahead to their fourth child as his sister Alyssa — and her husband John — are pregnant and due in February, 2021.

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