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Baked with a Kiss

Romantic UPtv Movie

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About Baked with a Kiss

Peyton Hilliard’s pastry shop, Peyton’s Pastries, has a reputation for making dreams come true. With names like Best Day Ever, Big Promotion, and Bun in the Oven, her desserts often deliver on what they promise. Folks say if you go to Peyton’s shop and tell her your problems or your dreams, she always has the best advice and the perfect treat to make things right. Archer Brooks is one of Peyton’s most difficult clients, but she can’t afford to offend him, because he runs one of the largest event planning companies in town. To try and get on his good side, Peyton gives him a pie she tells him she baked “just for him.” This one is called Sweet Success, but in the craziness of the moment, Peyton accidentally gives Archer her special, souped up True Love pie instead. Peyton is totally confused when a very different Archer walks through her bakery door the next day. He’s so kind and complimentary. It’s only when Archer asks for another slice of her delicious honey lavender pie that Peyton realizes her mistake. Meanwhile, Peyton has been vying, along with several other bakeries in town, to provide pastries for the Starlight Ball, a massive gala attended by the city’s elite. Archer is on the planning committee and tells Peyton that she’s pretty much a in for the gig. This is exactly what Peyton hoped for, but she can’t help but wonder if this great opportunity and her newfound relationship with Archer will succeed.

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