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America’s Funniest Home Videos kicks off with footage of what happens when adults, children and even inanimate objects are at their spontaneous best. Hosted by Tom Bergeron.

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Hungry Dogs

Episode 101

A hidden camera revealing a dog stealing bread from a toaster; a dog who waits every day for the ice cream truck to arrive (and to gobble down his daily ice cream cone); an office prank with a remote controlled spider; a man cutting down a tree -- which lands on his house; a salute to Florida, with clips collected from all over the Sunshine State; and a clip montage of people getting sprayed in the face by a faucet prank.

Salute to Stupidity

Episode 102

Highlights include a musical montage featuring cats; a dog having a funny reaction when someone suggests he take a bath; a salute to stupidity with a package of clips featuring mishaps due to some not-so-bright ideas; a teenage boy having his eyebrows plucked who freaks out when he realizes he’s being taped.

Stunts Gone Wrong

Episode 103

Highlights include clips of daredevils doing stunts that go wrong, a mom discovering that her kids have painted themselves and the bathroom, and a clip package of people waking each other up in hilarious ways.

Practical Jokes

Episode 104

Highlights include a man who pulls a prank on his girlfriend with a fake proposal -- but who really proposes in the end -- practical jokes and videos of people sleeping in funny ways. This week’s state spotlight is on Kentucky, with a clip package of videos submitted from viewers in the Bluegrass State.

Pint Size Pooches

Episode 105

Highlights include pint-sized pooches and the hilarious things they do, wedding mishaps, animals who can talk and kids saying the funniest things. This week’s state spotlight: Clips submitted from deep in the heart of Texas

Exercise Mishaps

Episode 106

Highlights include videos of a squirrel picking a fight with a deer, dogs trying to prevent a woman from leaving work, exercise mishaps, and babies having funny reactions to food. This week’s state spotlight is on Georgia.

With the first $100,000 prize of the season to be awarded, here are the videos in the running: “Hidden Honkers,” a car alarm prank; “U Don’t Know Uvulas,” a little girl with a smarty pants vocabulary; “Ballpark Promise,” a Dodger fan catching a ball; “Laser Chasers,” a Great Dane and a little boy chasing a laser pointer; “Soda Bottle Blowout,” a kid’s science experiment having explosive results; and “Boohoo in the Loo,” a little boy pitching a dramatic fit in the bathroom.

Bob Saget Returns

Episode 108

Former “America’s Funniest Home Videos” host Bob Saget returns as a guest co-host with Tom Bergeron in an episode that salutes the show’s funniest moments in its two decades on the air

Clips in this holiday episode include a kid with a seemingly endless Christmas list that he recites to a poor Santa in a department store, and a little boy who tricks his mom into looking away so he can steal the cookies left for Santa.

Unusual Sneezes

Episode 110

Clips include unusual sneezes, golf mishaps and a cat who jumps on to a counter to attack a freshly baked cake. Also, a salute to the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” with clips submitted from Minnesota.


Episode 111

“Muppetpalooza” episode features guest appearances from Miss Piggy, Kermit and other favorites. Clips in this episode include what happens when a dog really does eat one girl’s homework, wedding mishaps, kitchen disasters and a not-so-bright canine who tries to find the cat whose image appears on a computer laptop.

Wedding Toast

Episode 112

Clips include one little boy’s hilarious toast at a wedding, funny reactions from people learning that their loved ones are pregnant, a Beluga whale that tries to get a boy’s cookie, and practical jokes.

Dueling Grizzly Bears

Episode 113

Clips include a Grizzly bear that tries to steal a fisherman’s catch, only to be then challenged by a bigger Grizzly; a musical montage of birds attacking people, and a cat giving a dog a massage.

Six previous winners compete for a $100,000 prize. Clips include “The Waterhorse and the Waterworks,” a little boy having an emotional reaction to a movie; “Talking Before Take-off,” a little girl’s reaction to an amusement park ride; “Barking Through the Blinds,” a curious Labrador becoming entangled in some discarded window blinds; “The Great Escape,” a daring Chihuahua making an escape from a utility room

Clips include kids saying the funniest things, a dreaming puppy that runs in its sleep and a musical montage of fishing mishaps. This week’s video salute is to the Evergreen State, with videos submitted from or taking place in Washington.

Videos include a dog that tears apart a kid’s Halloween costume (while the kid is still wearing it), a firefighter’s prank on a fellow firefighter, a fake rat in the kitchen cabinet, and a woman saying silly things after a trip to the dentist (on laughing gas). This week’s video salute is to the Badger State, with videos submitted from or taking place in Wisconsin.

Skydiving Mishaps

Episode 117

Videos include practical jokes -- including a man scared by a fake bug running across the kitchen -- a video package of dogs that make unusual noises, skydiving mishaps, a woman calling the police to get rid of a big spider and a grandma who’s a real pinball wizard

Fake Lotto Tickets

Episode 118

Clips include people getting excited over fake lotto tickets, plus pet pranks -- including two dogs who are threatened by a photo of a cat, a man who has trained his dog to fetch him a beer from the fridge, and kids who chase and terrify their dad with a dead bat.

Easter Mishaps

Episode 119

Videos include a package of Easter mishaps, including an elk that finds Easter eggs kids didn’t. This week’s video salute is to the Garden State

Dog vs. Mountain Lion

Episode 120

Videos include an incredibly brave dog chasing a mountain lion up a tree. Also: A musical montage of cats and dogs sparring; video of a snoring bulldog who wakes up at the smell of sausage, and a woman’s impromptu dancing at a restaurant lands her on her butt.

Woozy Woman

Episode 121

On the final $100,000 award show of the season, video contenders include “Darth Dader,” two kids staging a battle scene from their favorite movie series; “Dog Sniff Snub,” puppy love with two Shiitsus; “Woozy Woman,” a woman under the influence after having four wisdom teeth removed; “Speechless Sweet Tooth,” a little kid with a cute plea for candy at a Sunday service; and “Boogie Baby,” in which a baby mimics a dancing doll.

This season’s three $100,000 prize winners compete for the Grand Prize. The final three videos are “Laser Chasers,” featuring a Great Dane and a toddler who are equally obsessed with a laser pointer; “Boogie Baby,” with a baby rocking out with a musical doll; and “The Great Escape,” in which Junior the Chihuahua leads an escape from the utility room.

Part one of a two-part “America’s Funniest Home Videos” series -- “the 20 videos that changed the world!” – features the funniest and most unique videos the show has received in its two decades on television.

In part two of a two-part “America’s Funniest Home Videos” series -- the top video “that changed the world” – the funniest, the strangest, most unusual video the show has received in its two decades on television is revealed.