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Bulloch Family Ranch

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About Bulloch Family Ranch

Meet Julie and Rusty Bulloch, together they are the proud parents of 25 kids, however only two are biological. The rest are teens who have been dealt a difficult hand in life, from being homeless to gang life. Julie and Rusty welcomed each of them into their central Florida ranch for a LAST-SECOND chance at getting on the right track.

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Episode 101

It's time to meet the Bullochs; Rusty, Julie, Brodie, Amanda and the assorted kids without homes who the Bullochs regularly take in and give a second chance. Julie accompanies one of the ranch kids, Davin, to the school to talk about his options for getting his GPA up and graduating, while still being able to play football. Meanwhile, Rusty enlists the help of everyone he can think of to build a barn for the horses in just two days but has he bitten off more than he can chew?


Episode 102

Julie is enlisted by a local charity for help on setting up a free family fun day in downtown Lakeland. Problems arise as vendors close early and the weather threatens to dampen their day. Rusty is forced to make a choice between Davin & coaching football.


Episode 103

Rusty & Julie are celebrating their 28th Wedding Anniversary – Polk County-style! Both plan big surprises that include handguns, horses, and a fancy hotel! Following his parents’ example, Brodie invites Jordan, a promising high school football player, to live at the Ranch.


Episode 104

When Davin has a hard time following the rules, Rusty & Julie decide that a back-to-basics camping trip may be the answer. The entire Bulloch brood packs up the RV, hitches up the boat and hits the road. Just when everyone is starting to relax under the stars a health scare and a 4am trip to the emergency room leaves the whole family reeling.


Episode 105

A tragic event tests the Bullochs and they must rally together to pull through an emotional time. Meanwhile, Davin is in danger of getting kicked off the football team and Rusty must bring the situation to a head.


Episode 106

The Bullochs, along with their loving church community, set to renovate the home of a mother struggling to make ends meet and care for her special needs daughter. Brodie meets with the Lakeland Fire Department to explore career options. Things with Davin come to a head and Rusty is forced to make a difficult decision.


Episode 107

Julie forces Rusty & Brodie to get rid of their broken down trucks but instead, Rusty makes a bet with Brodie that he can build a better mud buggy; the mud buggy challenge is born! All the while, Julie plans for the perfect family reunion party! Who from the Bulloch's past will make an appearance?