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Episode 101

Shirdawn and Jeffrey Jackson, a loving couple with one biological child and one older adopted daughter, open their hearts and home to seven young siblings in foster care who previously lived in a very unstable environment in a motel. Team Tuohy creates a fabulous new backyard for the Jacksons and helps their youngest foster child, Randolph, become a permanent member of this forever family.


Episode 102

Jill and Graham Sanders would love nothing more than to adopt their nephew Johnny. Johnny is still hesitating, as he doesn’t want to hurt his biological dad’s feelings even though his dad cannot care for him in a stable environment. Team Tuohy’s mission will be to help Johnny reach a decision as well as making over bedrooms for both Johnny and his soon to be sister Finny.


Episode 103

Tiffany Soto and her husband Bryan are on the verge of adopting her nephew Elijah but have faced some hurdles in completing the adoption. Leigh Anne and her Team help expedite this adoption and share an emotional moment in the courtroom, as Elijah becomes a permanent member of the Soto family. They also create a beautiful new living space for this brand new family.


Episode 104

Tamika Dobbins is a kidney transplant survivor and single mother raising a young boy she fostered since infancy and later adopted. Team Tuohy helps Tamika obtain the support she needs by creating a stunning new bedroom for her mother while also addressing flaws in the foster care system – something Tamika is very passionate about.


Episode 105

Team Tuohy is on a mission to help Lisa and Jeremy Palmer, a loving couple who recently decided to foster 5 teenagers who had been bounced from home to home.


Episode 106

Team Tuohy is determined to help the Schooley family adopt three siblings into their family of three biological children. But can Leigh Anne help them cut through all the legal red tape?