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For Richer or Poorer (Series)

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Episode 101

Aubrey and Kya have just moved into their new apartment and while they are going down memory lane, they each find old tokens given by exes. Both agree to get rid of the mementos, but neither does. When the keepsakes are discovered, a series of practical jokes begin until someone must confess that they lied. Meanwhile, Carson’s old girlfriend comes back to town. She’s sweet, beautiful and now very wealthy. She wants to rekindle what they have, but Carson has an issue dating a rich woman, plus he hasn’t been completely honest about what happened in their past.


Episode 102

Kya’s consignment business takes off. She’s getting more exposure than ever, and making money. She treats Aubrey to a few expensive gifts, but he starts acting weird. Finally Aubrey has to admit that he doesn’t like his wife being the breadwinner. Meanwhile, Carson hires a new barber who unbeknownst to him goes against his cardinal rule - no women in the barbershop.


Episode 103

Aubrey gets a new financial job but his boss, Theresa, is expecting a more “personal favor” for a promotion he badly wants. When Kya notices the lipstick, left by Theresa, on Aubrey’s collar, she is livid and insists that he must be cheating. Meanwhile, Carson gets audited and goes crazy looking for receipts. But, more trouble is right around the corner when Jonesy is revealed as a FBI investigating Deshaun’s bootleg business.


Episode 104

Carson falls for Jonesy when she returns to the barbershop to apologize to Deshaun. They hit it off and immediately talk marriage. Deshaun and Aubrey plan a bachelor party for Carson that is spoiled by the women in their lives. Meanwhile, Kya and Paige get into their first argument as friends when they fight over money and whose idea it was to start the consignment business.


Episode 105

Kya puts a bid on a house before telling Aubrey. He finds out and plays a trick on her until she finally has to reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Paige tries to change Deshaun by taking him to etiquette classes. But the tables turn and the coach thinks Paige is the one who needs to learn manners.


Episode 106

Kya and Aubrey decide they may want to start a family, but first they decide to get a fake baby to test their responsibility. Unfortunately, they fail miserably and the baby gets lost. Meanwhile, Paige gets an offer to become the personal stylist of a movie star in Los Angeles. When she tells Deshaun about her pending move, he ignores her. But finally it hits him, and Deshaun must confess that he is in love with her.