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Highway to Heaven

Beloved Drama Starring Michael Landon

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About Highway to Heaven

A probationary angel sent back to Earth (Michael Landon) teams with an ex-cop (Victor French) to help people.

Where to Watch

Pilot (Part 1)

Episode 101

Jonathan Smith, an angel, arrives at a retirement home to help an employee named Leslie Gordon until Leslie's brother, Mark, a jaded and bitter former police officer, grows suspicious of Jonathan.

Pilot (Part 2)

Episode 102

When Mark Gordon's investigation starts getting too close, Jonathan must reveal his true identity and purpose to Mark in order to successfully complete his assignment.

To Touch The Moon

Episode 103

Jonathan counsels a young runaway and a widow with a terminally ill son.

The Satan's Helpers street gang terrorizes its neighborhood, so Jonathan and Mark motivate aging Western movie stars to muster the courage to be the heroes they once were and stand up to the gang.

Song Of The Wild West

Episode 105

Jonathan and Mark visit a country-western bar where they assist a young country singer emulating her lost mother, a former country star hoping to find her lost glory, and a widow mourning her lost husband.

A high school baseball star being scouted by the pros is in a tragic motorcycle accident permanently shattering his dreams, so Jonathan finds a way to help the boy make lemonade from this crop of lemons.

To help Deke find a reason for living after his accident, Jonathan enlists the aid of a gymnast who has reasons of his own to help rehabilitate Deke. In the meantime, Jonathan and Mark must find a way to reunite Deke's parents, who have also been affected by Deke's accident but in a different way.

A Divine Madness

Episode 108

A construction magnate now convinced he is King Arthur is in danger of being declared incompetent by his estranged son.

Catch A Falling Star

Episode 109

A movie star has all the money to spend on his kids, but never the time to be a real father to them. Jonathan and Mark, who have been hired to look after the children, must show him the error of his ways before it's too late.

Help Wanted: Angel

Episode 110

An advertisement brings Jonathan and Mark to a neighborhood where an elderly scriptwriter needs an "angel" to bankroll his movie about the lonely people in his neighborhood, but making the film may mean tragedy for Mark.

Dust Child

Episode 111

A former Vietnam vet learns that he has a half-American/half-Vietnamese daughter and brings her to the States to live with his family, but Jonathan and Mark must intervene when the racial prejudice she encounters from all sides, including her new family, is almost too much to bear.

Hotel Of Dreams

Episode 112

Mark and Jonathan work as hotel bellhops to help a millionaire's son find meaning in his life.

In this variation on "A Christmas Carol," Jonathan and Mark have a Dickens of a time, literally, bringing Holiday joy into the heart of "Honest Eddie," a crooked used car dealer.

Plane Death

Episode 114

Mark and Jonathan visit an old friend, only to find that their friend has been missing for five days.

One Winged Angels

Episode 115

Jonathan jeopardizes his assignment by falling in love with the very woman whose engagement to another man he's supposed to be overseeing.

God sends Mark and Jonathan back to the 1940s in order to give Mark a second chance to tell his grandfather how much he loved him.

As Difficult As ABC

Episode 117

A promising, but illiterate, basketball player has a coach who helps him get his grades high enough to be able to play until his coach learns he has a heart condition that means he can't play basketball anymore. When his coach casts him aside and he loses his scholarship, Jonathan gets him to join a special class so that he can learn to read and a job coaching kids.

A Child Of God

Episode 118

Jonathan and Mark try to reunite a father and daughter after the daughter was cast aside for having a child out of wedlock. Now, Jonathan has the difficult task of trying to convince the father to care for his grandchild after it's revealed that his daughter is terminally ill.

Jonathan's friend Scotty, a quadriplegic, wonders if a relationship with a woman can succeed. Jonathan is delighted to help, but Mark isn't so keen about it, because the woman in question is his cousin Diane.

The Banker & The Bum

Episode 120

A big-hearted bum and a cold-hearted tycoon switch bodies and walk a mile in the other man's shoes.

The Brightest Star

Episode 121

Jonathan and Mark help a child actress whose fame is making her into a monster, fracturing her family and robbing her of her childhood.

Jonathan must get Helen’s neighbors to join together and help save their homes from being seized by corporate developers.

The Right Thing

Episode 123

Jonathan and Mark help a family struggling to do the right thing with an aging parent in their home. Their daughter in-law demands he be put in a retirement home, and their caring teenage son is caught in the middle.

Jonathan and Mark reunite old childhood friends Lizzy and Garth, but when Garth asks Lizzy to marry him, the two encounter problems on their way to the altar.

When tests reveal that Lizzy has cancer, she decides not to tell Garth the results until she can find out what the odds are. The doctor also tells her that she is pregnant and must decide whether to have the baby and not do any treatment, or undergo chemotherapy and take a chance that it will harm the baby.