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Heartland Companion Series With Mini Episodes

No airings scheduled.

About Hudson

Hudson is a companion short series with exclusive mini episodes based in the world of Heartland.

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Game On

Episode 101

Jade’s opportunity for a promotion is put in jeopardy when the new girl in town shows up full of energy and bright ideas.

Community Building

Episode 102

Jade fends off newcomer Sloane’s social media prowess while brainstorming great community-oriented ideas with Georgie and Trace.

Lady Killers

Episode 103

An unexpected friendship grows while Jade tries to attract talent to her big Maggie’s promotion.

Cash Grab

Episode 104

A misunderstanding leads to a broken promise and Jade and the gang are left to pick up the pieces before it’s too late.

Prize Money

Episode 105

With everything falling apart around them, Trace and Sloane try to motivate a dejected Jade to step up and save the show.


Episode 106

Some surprise performances at the big show pave the way for the announcement of the new manager position at Maggie’s.