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Last Hope with Troy Dunn


About Last Hope with Troy Dunn

Follow Troy Dunn, a missing persons and relationship expert, as he unravels the mystery behind lost loved ones and facilitates their inspirational reunions.

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Episode 101

In this premiere episode, Troy meets with Debra and Gary who, as teenagers, had a son but were forced to give him up for adoption. After college, they married and had two daughters, Leah and Sarah. Now, both parents and children have united to search for their one missing family member. If Troy can crack this case, he can unite a full biological family - for the first time!


Episode 102

David was adopted at birth and grew up in a happy home. Although he had often thought about finding his birth mother, he didn’t begin his search until, one day, when he suffered a horrible car accident. Faced with the reality of death, he longed to meet the woman who gave him life. Will David find the woman he’s looking for or will Troy be faced with delivering devastating news?


Episode 103

As a child, Amanda suffered abuse at the hands her mother’s many boyfriends, one of whom she thought was her father. After Amanda became pregnant with her first child, her mother revealed that the man she had believed to be her dad was not, in fact, her biological father. Now Amanda’s on a mission to find her true father and the love she was missing all those years.


Episode 104

Charles, a self-proclaimed “wild child,” had two children, but left them to pursue stardom in Hollywood. His wife lost faith that he would return, so she took their kids and disappeared. After many years, Charles turned his life around, married again, and fathered two more children, Rick and Lisa. He attempted to find his first two kids, but was unsuccessful. Charles recently passed, and his son Rick wants to reach out to his half-siblings to let them know that their father not only redeemed himself in life, but also continued to love them until his death.


Episode 105

When Pamela was 5, the police found her wandering the streets of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, with her infant brother Danny alone in his crib. They immediately removed the children and placed them separately for adoption. Thirty years later, Pam still aches to find her brother. Her daughter Heather has reached out to Troy, to help her mother realize her dream. Troy is her last hope.


Episode 106

Roy was just 4 years old when his father shot his mother, then turned the gun on himself. His mother was pregnant at the time, and while neither she nor the baby perished, she was clearly unable to raise a second child. When no relative would take him, she was forced to place him for adoption. Roy learned this when he was 18; since then he’s tried tirelessly to locate his younger brother, but all his searches have hit dead ends. Can Troy find Roy’s brother and bring this family back together?


Episode 107

Jacemyein has lived her life thinking that her mother walked out on her, leaving her to be raised by an abusive father. Believing she was somehow responsible for her mother’s desertion and desperate to find out what could have caused this, Jacemyein turns to Troy. She’s hoping he can piece together 30 years of family secrets and lies and find the mother she’s always dreamed of.


Episode 108

When Renee was a little girl, her parents divorced and since then, she’s only seen her father once. She suspects that he was unfaithful or may have had another wife, but she doesn’t know for sure. Her mother blocked communication between the two of them when she was young. But now that she’s a grown woman, she’s desperate to find her father and get answers to the questions that have plagued her for years.


Episode 109

Bonnie and her younger brother, Aaron suffered severe neglect at the hands of their alcoholic mother, who eventually relinquished them both. Aaron ended up adopted by a wonderful family; Bonnie left home as a teen, broken by her addictions. Now sober and married, Bonnie longs to find the missing link to her past, the one person she feels she needs to feel complete.


Episode 109B

Troy Dunn chats LIVE with viewers about this week’s premiere episode “He’s My Brother” as he checks in with how things are going with the family, answers questions from fans and gives a few reunion surprises too! Tune in and have your questions ready for Troy!


Episode 110

It’s the story that made national headlines: In June of 1966, Chicago police discovered 10 year-old Rick and his two sisters locked in a rat infested kitchen, malnourished and unclothed. Horrified, the police immediately took the children into custody. Sadly, the children were sent to different homes and never saw each other again. Now, almost 50 years later, Rick has reached out to Troy to help him find his beloved sisters and reunite this devastated family.