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Third Miracle

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When Adam wins a prestigious teaching award, he and Mary are invited to accept the honor at a fancy dinner. Without the necessary money to make the long trip, they put the idea out of their minds, but when Laura and Albert decide to donate their savings, Adam and Mary head out on a stagecoach with a pregnant woman named Marge. When a serious accident kills the driver and pins both Adam and Marge underneath the stagecoach, Mary is the only person who might be able to save them. Though she lacks her physical eyesight, she relies on her other senses–as well as the classic Ingalls resourcefulness–to seek help. When a fire erupts and traps Mary, an incredible miracle just might lead Charles to his beloved daughter. Meanwhile, in a hilarious subplot, Laura and Albert con Harriet Oleson into buying their full honey supply–without informing her that the purchase would include some very unwelcome little visitors.

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