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UPlifting Family Drama

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About Mystic

Having just moved from London to Kauri Point, Issie struggles to make friends and misses her old home until a chance encounter with wild ponies Blaze and Mystic, and a group of horse-mad teenagers, convinces her to stay.

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The Doubt

Thursday at 8:00pm


The Betrayal

Thursday, Feb 9 at 8:00pm


The Reckoning

Thursday, Feb 16 at 8:00pm


The Prophecy

Thursday, Feb 23 at 8:00pm


The Tourist
Episode 201

The gang uncovers a new threat to the forest and the wild herd. Issie's visions from Mystic become more mysterious than ever and a new arrival in town causes trouble for Issie and Dan.

The Deception
Episode 202

The gang's attempt to stop Tom selling the stables backfires. Issie realises that she's seeing visions of the future. Misunderstandings cause problems between Issie and Dan.

The Wager
Episode 203

Dulmoth Park have moved in and the escalating rivalry with the KP team ends in a secret race on the dunes. Meanwhile, Tom's in trouble when the racehorse goes missing.

The Doubt
Episode 204

It looks like Caroline's hopes of becoming an Olympic rider are over after her loss to Nicole in the sand dunes race. Can the KP gang persuade her not to give up on her dream?

The Betrayal
Episode 205

Family secrets are revealed. Feeling betrayed by her friends, Issie is quick to retaliate when Bianca takes Blaze. Distracted by Gabe, Issie breaks a promise to Natasha.