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Our Wedding Story

UPtv Original Series


About Our Wedding Story

The UPtv original series “Our Wedding Story” showcases breathtaking wedding stories created by two passionate movie-makers, Nick and Colin, who really get to know the couple and tell their stories in unique ways. With exceptional and cinematic storytelling, viewers will get to live each couple’s love story – from the moment they meet to the walk down the aisle.

Our Wedding Story Full Episodes

Meet the creators and visionaries behind Our Wedding Story. Fall in love every Friday night with Our Wedding Story starting June 22nd on UPtv.

AJ and Michelle fell in love, but then AJ dropped a bombshell that changed everything. When their much-anticipated wedding day arrives, they have an elegant wedding on the beautiful coast of Santa Barbara amongst family and friends.

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Sarah and Travis plan their perfect Southern Savannah wedding piece by piece by designing and handcrafting every detail. With the help of their friends, this creatively talented couple has the wedding of their dreams in charming Chatham Square.

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After traveling the world in hopes of someday finding her soul mate, Sarah meets Euri in her local town and they fall in love. Inspired by its beautiful scenery and their love for travel, this couple indulge in an adventurous and unforgettable week of wedding celebrations with their family and friends in Fiji.

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Brought together through music, Ashley and Chris find an abandoned theater as their wedding venue and go all out in entertaining their guests. Their community of family and friends take over a tranquil ranch along the central coast of California for an off the grid weekend of activities!

After Sarah and Jin’s first go at love didn’t pan out, they find their way back to each other through strength in faith and difficult conversations. In the midst of family illness, their nearest and dearest come together to celebrate their love sprinkled with Korean traditions in this luxurious SoCal wedding.

When Meredith first met T. Cody, she thought he was too much of a city slicker. She was shocked when he brought her to his family farm, the homestead that they would buy from his family and make their own. But having their wedding at the farm may be too much for them to handle. Will they finish renovations in time for the big day?

After video-chat-planning their dream wedding from opposite sides of the world, Melissa and Israel reunite with friends and loved ones on the glittering shores of Punta Cana. Overcoming tragedy, they prove that we can find love again, against all odds.

Expecting to follow her family’s tradition of an arranged marriage, Hema is blind to Vedant’s early affections. After a fateful gift of hot cocoa leads to a soul-searching walk around campus, today this fun-loving couple happily dances their way through a vibrant Indian wedding in Cancun!

When Lauren and Traynor are matched by family friends, a blind date leads to save-the-dates! After the most jam-packed year of their lives, this Massachusetts couple plans their elegant Manchester-by-the-Sea ceremony with the help of their own little wedding planner, baby Blair.

Lindsey meets Alex the moment she steps off the plane in Los Angeles, but it takes this California couple 12 years to make it official! Watch as they finally tie the knot under the majestic mountains of the Lost Sierras!