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About Parenthood

The four grown Braverman siblings — Adam, Sarah, Crosby and Julia — share the joys, heartaches and headaches of parenthood in their California hometown. As their parents deal with life and marital issues, the four lean on one another while tackling the challenges of modern family life in an updated reimagining of the 1989 film by the same name.

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Episode 101

Meet the Braverman Family. Series Premiere.

Man Versus Possum

Episode 102

Adam and Kristina take steps to address Max's issues while Sarah looks for a job.

Adam and Kristina have their hands full when Max gets kicked out of school while Sarah struggles with her love life.


Episode 104

The Braverman parents are at a loss when Haddie has a secret boyfriend and Drew becomes a man.

The Situation

Episode 105

Drew helps Adam out when Max is back on the baseball team, while Sarah makes a new friend.

The Big “O”

Episode 106

Kristina's worrying affects her sex life, while Crosby tries to tell his parents he has a son.

Adam juggles his family's schedules while Sarah's relationship goes to the next level

Rubber Band Ball

Episode 108

Amber's ex is back in her life while Julia worries that Sydney has Asperger's.

Perchance to Dream

Episode 109

Adam is left in charger of the household when Kristina goes back to work while Sarah tries to get Amber excited about college.

Namaste No More

Episode 110

Sarah discovers her father's secrets while Julia shows her competitive side when she coaches her daughter's soccer team.


Episode 111

Zeek becomes Adam's houseguest while Amber feels incredibly guilty.

Team Braverman

Episode 112

The Bravermans are at war over Haddie and Amber.

Lost and Found

Episode 113

Sarah and Amber reach a boiling point on the season finale.