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Touched By An Angel

UPlifting Series Starring Roma Downey and Della Reese

Friday at 11:00 am ET

About Touched By An Angel

Monica, Tess, and Andrew are a trio of angels sent to earth to tell depressed and troubled people that God loves them and God hasn’t forgotten them.

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The Homecoming (Part 1)

Friday at 11:00am

The Homecoming (Part 2)

Friday at 12:00pm

The Violin Lesson

Monday at 11:00am

Forget Me Not

Monday at 12:00pm

Monica and Andrew are sent to find a mysterious man posing as the Angel of Death in a hospital ward for the terminally ill.

Saving Grace (Part 1)
Episode 502

Monica, Tess and Andrew counsel the self-destructive, vengeful survivor of Joe Greene's reckless driving accident.

Saving Grace (Part 2)
Episode 503

Nathaniel is kidnapped by the self-destructive, vengeful survivor of Joe Greene's driving accident.

What Are Friends For?
Episode 504

Monica must prevent a brilliant young politician from sacrificing her promising career because of a destructive friendship.

Only Connect
Episode 505

The angels must help preserve a young boy's special friendship with a town eccentric.

The Lady Of The Lake
Episode 506

Monica defies a powerful corporation when it threatens to destroy a small town.

Beautiful Dreamer
Episode 507

In a flashback to 1865, Monica and Andrew meet Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth on the day of the president's assassination.

I Do
Episode 508

When a young man falls into a coma after a tragic car accident, the angels must help his distraught family weather the crisis.

Monica and Tess help a successful judge cope with the deteriorating health and memory of her beloved mother.

Psalm 151
Episode 510

The angels help a loving mother come to terms with her young son's terminal illness.

The Peacemaker
Episode 511

The angels help a distraught couple deal with a family tragedy that threatens to destroy their marriage.

An Angel On The Roof
Episode 512

The angels converge on a small town in Texas to witness a Christmas miracle.

Fool For Love
Episode 513

Monica must convince a successful young attorney to give up an obsessive love for the man who ruined her life.

Monica tries to convince a cynical network television executive to produce a show about angels.

My Brother’s Keeper
Episode 515

Will and Jeff are raised together by Will's father and compete in skiing. When Jeff becomes a paraplegic in an accident, the father blames Will.

On Edge
Episode 516

The angels help a young girl with dreams of becoming an Olympic ice skater overcome her criminal past.

The Man Upstairs
Episode 517

The Devil disguises himself as Monica to trick a desperate man into selling his soul, forcing Monica into a face-off with her evil twin.

Family Business
Episode 518

The Angel of Reconciliation helps a family cope with the tragic death of an estranged son.

Anatomy Lesson
Episode 519

Monica must help a cynical coroner develop a love for life in order to save a little girl whose life is in jeopardy.

Jagged Edges
Episode 520

The angels help an estranged mother and daughter reconcile after a painful family secret is revealed.

Into The Fire
Episode 521

Monica must expose a charismatic cult leader as an evil fraud before he pushes his followers to self destruction.

Made In The U.S.A.
Episode 522

The angels help a bitter Vietnam come to terms with his painful past.

Full Circle
Episode 523

The angels intercede when a mother's blind love for her reckless son puts her life in grave danger.

Black Like Monica
Episode 524

Monica confronts racism in a small town when an innocent man becomes the victim of a fatal hate crime.

The angels must prevent a talented young boxer from using his boxing skills against his enemies.

Episode 526

The angels help a grief stricken husband decide whether or not to donate his comatose wife's heart to a dying child.

Episode 527

The angels help a faltering female astronaut gain courage by introducing her to her idol, Dr. Sally Ride.