Lawson Bates premiered the new music video for his latest single “The Way I See You”. The music video features the “Bringing Up Bates” star alongside his girlfriend of nearly a year, Tiffany Espensen, and was filmed at many iconic locations throughout Nashville.

The fourth-oldest member of the Bates family told “When it came to the music video we were wanting to add just a little flare of nostalgia, shooting at the historic Loveless Café, just outside of Nashville. It ended up being the perfect match for the song! The staff was so helpful, and I also had to sneak a few biscuits in between scenes! It’s true, they really are to die for! As for casting, being able to shoot a project with my girlfriend as co-star was definitely the icing on the cake! Tiffany and I have been dating for awhile, and every day I’ve spent with her, I find I love her more. Talent aside, Tiffany is such an amazing and kindhearted person, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.”

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