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Bringing Up Bates

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About Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates” Season 10 is full of major life moments and changes for everyone in the family. The married couples are continuing to grow their families as we see pregnancy announcements and gender reveals all season. Katie and Travis work on their relationship and may be headed for another big step. But this season is not just about the girls and their pending nuptials…will the new season finally see a Bates boy headed to the altar?

Join us in celebrating UPtv’s favorite family and look back at six year and nine seasons of laughs, loves, and family.

New Horizons
Episode 925

Spring is a time of new life and hope... and for the growing Bates brood it’s no different. In this special we’ll see the new ventures, new love and celebratory moments that keep the Bates flourishing.

New Horizons
Episode 1000

Spring is a time of new life and hope... and for the growing Bates brood it’s no different. In this special we’ll see the new ventures, new love and celebratory moments that keep the Bates flourishing.

A new year brings a renewed sense of hope and vitality for the Bates family! The Bates Sisters Boutique reveal their plans to move into a storefront space. Meanwhile, Josie’s beauty business is thriving, but she and Kelton are dealing with heartbreak after suffering a miscarriage, hopeful she will get pregnant again. Now that Michaella’s almost a nurse, Kelly Jo leans on her daughter for advice about her health complications. Later, Alyssa and John, thrilled to be expecting their fourth child, get creative with a socially distant gender reveal party! Will baby #4 finally be a boy?

Katie’s turning twenty and celebrating her special day with her boyfriend, Travis. But how is the young couple navigating their relationship in the age of COVID? Is there an engagement in their future? Meanwhile, The Bates Sisters’ Boutique decides to purchase a storefront and are figuring out plans to renovate the space! Later, Katie, Travis, Gil, Kelly Jo, Lawson, Isaiah and some of the younger kids head to the Smoky Mountains for some outdoor birthday fun, but will a gem mining adventure reveal a surprise proposal?

The matriarch of the family is celebrated in a big way - On the eve of Kelly Jo getting surgery, the Bates kids throw her a surprise birthday party! It’s an emotional moment for the mom, when all of the kids share favorite memories and give love and support before her big operation. Lawson works with a K9 trainer to see if his new German Shepherd puppy has what it takes to become a search and rescue dog for Law enforcement, while Bobby and Tori celebrate Kade’s 2nd birthday with Bobby’s parents. Later, Nathan has a heart to heart with Gil and Kelly Jo and opens up about his feelings for his new girlfriend. Are his bachelor days a thing of the past?

Nathan is head over heels for his girlfriend and invites her to Tennessee for the holidays! Will his new love interest feel overwhelmed, or right at home getting to know Nathan’s very large family? Meanwhile, Katie bonds with her younger sisters by teaching them some hairstyling tips and dishing about her future plans with Travis! To celebrate Christmas, the family gathers outside the Bates house for fellowship and to take photos of their growing family! But this holiday celebration quickly turns into a triple gender reveal party! Are Gil and Kelly Jo prepared to have 18 grandkids in the near future?

It’s Mother’s Day and the Bates Family has more reasons than ever to celebrate Moms everywhere and the extraordinary work they do. This year, the Bates welcomed two new moms to the brood, not to mention several new babies! In this episode, we’re going to share those tender moments for the newest moms and latest babies, including footage never before seen on TV!

Welcome to the neighborhood! Tori and Bobby recently purchased a home and give Michaella, Brandon, Zach, and Whitney a tour of their new “home sweet home.” It’s also countdown to Baby #4 for Alyssa and John! As they’re assembling a swing chair, they discuss Alyssa’s delivery plan. Later, the Bates Sisters Boutique has a new workspace in downtown Rocky Top! Carlin, Whitney and Erin stop by the space to check out the renovations being done by Paine Construction and other family members. Finally, while on a tree job, Nathan updates Zach and Gil on how things are going with his new love, Esther. Is an epic proposal in the works?

Alyssa and John already have their hands full with three daughters, but they’re about to add one more to the mix! The organized mom helps her kids pack overnight bags for when it’s time for her to head to the hospital. Meanwhile the Paines and the Smiths put their DIY skills to the test in crafts class and Bobby gets some tips from Chad on becoming a “girl dad.” Back in Rocky Top, Michaella cooks a home cooked meal for Zach, Whitney and their kids and discusses her next steps now that she’s a licensed nurse. Katie, now officially an employee of Josie’s Effortless Beauty, puts her makeup skills to the test when she works on a bridal photo shoot. Later, Alyssa and John welcome Macy Jo into the world as proud grandparents Gil and Kelly Jo are on hand to meet grandbaby # 15!

Now that Erin’s health is on the upswing, the Paine’s are tackling a new project: renovating an old camper! Will they decide to resell it or keep it in the family? At the Bates house, Gil, Kelly Jo and some of the kids have a family meeting to discuss ideas for their upcoming I Love You Day party, but will they all agree on a theme? It’s moving day for the Bates Sisters Boutique! Whitney, Erin and Carlin rely on their family to help them move out of their old workspace and into their new downtown Rocky Top location! Later, as Jackson and Trace are hanging out with Lawson and his dog Duke, Lawson updates his brothers on his new relationship and mentions his girlfriend will be attending the I Love You day festivities. Does this mean another Bates boy is leaving the bachelor squad?

Two By Two, I Love You
Episode 1009

Let the “I Love You Day” Festivities begin! Bates Sisters Boutique holds their first photo shoot in their newly renovated space, and two of the models might become sister-in-laws one day! Later, things are heating up in the kitchen as Nathan’s love, Esther, is prepping the entire meal for the couples’ dinner. Will her efforts be successful, or does she need more cooks in the kitchen? If you like it, put a ring on it! Nathan and Esther shop for engagement rings and bring along Katie, Travis, and Lawson and his girlfriend, Tiffany. Will Esther find her dream ring, or will Katie use this opportunity to drop hints to Travis? Finally, the family gathers two by two for their most beloved holiday! Which Bates couple will take home the prize for best animal costume? And when Travis sneaks away to speak with Gil, is he ready to plan a proposal?

Now that Tori and Whitney are neighbors and both expecting another baby, they meet up to swap baby clothes, while their hubbies are in charge of cooking dinner! In Florida; Alyssa and John have their hands full moving out of their old house and renovating their new home just weeks after the birth of their fourth daughter. Thankfully, Addee, Ellie, Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, and Trace have come to the rescue! Later, Nathan returns to the jewelry store to purchase his girlfriend, Esther's, dream engagement ring. But now that the ring is burning a hole in his pocket, when will he pop the question?

It's always a summer of fun with the Bates! Savor the season with a ton of never before seen on TV moments along with some summertime classics as the Bates enjoy everything from whitewater rafting, camping, shuffleboard, cookouts and more!

With Whitney and Josie’s due dates quickly approaching, the expecting moms meet up to dish about motherhood and work on a craft project for their nurseries. While preparing for a flight lesson, Nathan confides in Lawson that he’s hoping to propose to Esther very soon! But, with Nathan leaving the bachelor squad, will Lawson be on the fast track to settle down? Meanwhile, Travis is hoping to surprise Katie with a destination engagement in the Florida Keys, but can Gil and Kelly Jo keep suspicious Katie in the dark about the plan?