The Charm Of Choice: Finding Real Love In An Upside-Down World

If Jane Austen’s Lizzy Bennett were to visit Charm, Ohio, she might find life very much as it was during her own time. She might also find love just as confusing as in her up and down relationship with the infamous Mr. Darcy. For Emma Miller, Austen’s number one Amish fan, Lizzy Bennett would be […]

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Life, Death, Rebirth and Surfing: The Story of Ian McCormack Heads to Your Screen

Let’s face it: People go to the movies for a lot of reasons. While cinematic fads may come and go and box office receipts may ebb and flow, there’s still something that draws audiences of all ages to those dimly lit rooms with the impossibly large screen and the smell of popcorn and whatever that […]

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A Barkin’ Good Time: 10 Movies Where Dogs Steal The Show

While grumpy cats may rule the world on YouTube these days, man’s best friend has never been considered trendy. All cute, cuddly and mischievous with its so-happy-to-see-you signature tail wag, dogs have dominated the big screen for decades. And now as UP features two films where pooches play a starring role (be sure to check […]

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