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WEEK OF May 02-08
Monday 05/02
07:00 am
UP Music Mornings
Start your mornings with uplifting music videos from your favorite artists.
08:00 am
When Amy tries to heal an abused and violent racehorse, Ty and Jack think she's taken on more than she can handle.
09:00 am
Supernanny The Lewis Family
After the death of her husband, Antoinette Lewis is left alone to raise their two children. Her loss prompts Antoinette to ask Supernanny for help learning to parent alone.
10:00 am
Supernanny The James Family
NBA guard Mike James plays for the New Orleans Hornets, but his family lives in Houston, Texas. His wife, Angela, who has just given birth to their fourth child, is left alone raising their out-of-control children.
11:00 am
Supernanny The Kerns Family
Young parents Shawn and Shannon Kerns are overwhelmed with their three aggressive, unruly children. Mom and Dad know they were passive for too long, but now they're begging for help and don't know where else to turn.
12:00 pm
7th Heaven Brotherly Love
The Camden kids are hiding secrets from their parents.
01:00 pm
7th Heaven Tangled Web We Weave
Secrets threaten to tear the Camdens apart.
02:00 pm
7th Heaven Honor Thy Mother
Life intrudes on Annie's plans for a family dinner.
03:00 pm
Ruthie's split from Vincent unearths surprising secrets.
04:00 pm
Gilmore Girls I'm a Kayak, Hear Me Roar
At a Friday night dinner, Lorelai prepares to tell her parents about the end of her marriage, but she is derailed by their argument over the policy of healthy meals and no alcohol that Emily has instituted to help Richard recover from his heart attack. Lorelai enlists Sookie to bring healthy and delicious meals to Richard and then helps Emily organize Richard's business affairs. Over a shared bottle of scotch, Lorelai finally tells her mother about the breakup. Meanwhile, Rory attends an awkward birthday dinner for Logan with his father, Mitchum, who asks her to help steer Logan in the right direction. Later, Logan receives disturbing news about the online company he purchased. Also, Luke shares his home with Liz, T.J. and their baby daughter while their house is being fumigated.
05:00 pm
Gilmore Girls Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?
In the midst of planning Lane's baby shower, Rory receives a long-awaited call from The New York Times offering her an informational interview. Lorelai takes over the shower-planning duties and finds herself brokering peace between Lane and Mrs. Kim over how Lane plans to raise her twins. Meanwhile, Logan finally admits his business disaster to Rory, who offers him her full support. But when Logan announces that he is flying to Las Vegas to blow off steam with his old college pals, Rory is disappointed and worried. After Luke discovers that Liz and T.J. are trying to sell his boat, he decides to make some changes in his life and take April on a long boat trip over the summer. And Lane is ordered to rest, resulting in her being wheeled through Stars Hollow in her bed to attend the shower at Miss Patty's place.
06:00 pm
Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls Only
Lorelai and Rory plan a road trip to North Carolina to attend the wedding of Mia, a woman who served as their surrogate mother/grandmother for many years. Emily invites herself on the trip in an effort to get away from Richard, who is driving her crazy while he recuperates at home. At the wedding, Emily becomes upset by the close relationship Mia shares with Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai learns that Emily had visited Mia during the years they were estranged to ask for pictures of Lorelai and Rory. And Logan makes a surprise appearance to ask Rory to forgive him for his immature reaction to his business disaster. Meanwhile, Lane and Zack ask Luke to be the godfather of their twins. When Lane goes into labor, Luke helps everyone get to the hospital.
07:00 pm
Gilmore Girls Hay Bale Maze
As Stars Hollow prepares for its annual Spring Fling festival, Rory brings Logan to her hometown and shows him around. When Lorelai sees how serious the relationship has become, she worries that Logan is too irresponsible for Rory. Meanwhile, Taylor angers the town by spending the entire Spring Fling budget on a huge hay bale maze. During an unexpected encounter in the maze, Lorelai and Luke apologize to each other and admit they both made mistakes that led to the end of their engagement. Also, Rory gets a job interview with the Providence Journal-Bulletin and struggles with decisions about her future.
08:00 pm
Gilmore Girls It's Just Like Riding a Bike
When Lorelai visits Luke's diner for the first time since their breakup, she finds that they are awkward and uncomfortable together. Later, Lorelai's Jeep breaks down, and she asks Luke to help her shop for a new car. But Lorelai and Luke's irritation with each other finally explodes into a fight--which Lorelai secretly takes as a good sign. Meanwhile, after Paris is accepted into numerous law schools and medical schools, she decides she must break up with her boyfriend so their relationship won't influence her choice of graduate school. And Rory gets a surprising letter that impacts her future plans.
09:00 pm
Gilmore Girls Lorelai? Lorelai?
As her final examinations approach, Rory has a scary dream about her future. Richard and Emily announce that they are going to buy a pied-à-terre in New York City--but Rory has some news that might change their plans. Later, Lorelai rocks a karaoke bar with a serenade to Luke.
10:00 pm
AFV Dueling Grizzly Bears
Clips include a Grizzly bear that tries to steal a fisherman's catch, only to be then challenged by a bigger Grizzly; a musical montage of birds attacking people, and a cat giving a dog a massage.
11:00 pm
AFV The Waterhorse and the Waterworks
Six previous winners compete for a $100,000 prize. Clips include 'The Waterhorse and the Waterworks,' a little boy having an emotional reaction to a movie; 'Talking Before Take-off,' a little girl's reaction to an amusement park ride; 'Barking Through the Blinds,' a curious Labrador becoming entangled in some discarded window blinds; 'The Great Escape,' a daring Chihuahua making an escape from a utility room
12:00 am
The Parkers Make A Joyful Noise
Kim's recruited by a cool gospel group.
12:30 am
The Parkers A Beautiful Lie
An I.Q. test pegs Kim as a genius.
01:00 am
Sister, Sister Twins or Consequences
Tia gets cold feet after agreeing to take an exam for her twin sister.
01:30 am
Sister, Sister Mixed Doubles
It's a game of 'musical dates' as the girls' family and friends switch partners for a night on the town.
02:00 am
Sister, Sister Two Guys, A Girl and a Calendar
Tia and Tamera battle it out on behalf of their guys as competition gets tight for a spot in their school's '12 Most Gorgeous Men on Campus' calendar.
02:30 am
Sister, Sister Sweet Talk
Tamera lands a job as a radio talk show hostess dispensing advice on love on romance, including her own sister Tia's -- but without Tia's permission!