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WEEK OF Jul 27 - Aug 02
Tuesday 07/28
07:00 am
UP Music Mornings
Start your mornings with uplfiting music videos from your favorite artists.
08:00 am
UP Music Mornings
Start your mornings with uplfiting music videos from your favorite artists.
09:00 am
Family Ties Little Man On Campus
Alex is humiliated to get a failing grade by a professor who's his hero.
09:30 am
Family Ties Love Thy Neighbor
Jennifer fights for the affections of a family friend that falls for Mallory.
10:00 am
Growing Pains How The West Was Won (Part 1)
Coach Lubbock's contract is up at the end of the semester, and Mike decides to help him out by organizing a strike to keep him at Dewey High School. First of a two-part episode that was a pilot for the spin-off series 'Just The Ten Of Us.'
10:30 am
Growing Pains How The West Was Won (Part 2)
After staging a sit-in to protest the firing of his favorite teacher, Coach Lubbock, Mike is suspended from school and the coach refuses to talk to him--blaming him for all his problems. Second of a two-part episode that was the pilot for the spin-off series 'Just The Ten Of Us.'
11:00 am
Growing Pains Graduation Day
Mike's graduation stirs memories from his proud parents, who recall his birth and first day of school. Carol loses her long-standing bet that her brother will never graduate.
11:30 am
Growing Pains Fool For Love
Ben goes out on his first date while a pregnant Maggie tests Jason's patience.
12:00 pm
7th Heaven First Date
The Camdens interfere with Ruthie's first date.
01:00 pm
Touched By An Angel The Last Chapter
Monica is reunited with a long time friend who has been keeping a secret.
02:00 pm
Touched By An Angel Ship In A Bottle
The angels help a widower face his troubled past.
03:00 pm
Judging Amy The Long Run
Amy learns that she is pregnant with David's baby after taking a home pregnancy test, resulting in David returning from his sailing trip to discuss with Amy their future together and what they mean to each other; Maxine's first case back since her heart-attack involves a seventeen year old single father; Amy presides over a case involving a boy who stabs his teacher; Vincent and Crystal take a ten year old prostitute to the hospital after being beaten up by her pimp.
04:00 pm
Judging Amy 10,000 Steps
Ignacio buys Maxine a pedometer to help her keep up with the number of steps she's taking each day; Amy hears the case of parents who want to give up their parental rights to a thirteen year old boy they adopted at the age of three.
05:00 pm
Robbie finds a connection to his girlfriend Joy's missing brother.
06:00 pm
7th Heaven Consideration
Simon gets caught in the middle of a wild police chase.
07:00 pm
Supernanny The Baulisch Family
Dorothy and Kip Baulisch are deaf parents raising four hearing children. They rely too heavily on their eldest daughter, who understands sign language, as a surrogate 'hearing' parent, and it's put a huge strain on her relationship with them.
08:00 pm
Supernanny The Park Family
For the first time ever, Jo comes to the rescue of a nanny in over her head, as well as the helpless parents. The Park children act out, refuse to follow instructions and take dangerous risks, but the parents are clueless about establishing control, or maintaining boundaries.
09:00 pm
Supernanny The Winter Family
Mom and Dad moved the family from New York to Georgia where they hoped to find an easier life. The family has lived in their new home for just over two years, but they're still fish out of water in the Deep South.
10:00 pm
Supernanny The Newsome Family
After a divorce, Blythe Newsome finds herself and her six children living in a tiny house. She finds herself struggling with being the breadwinner for a family of seven and managing six out-of-control kids.
11:00 pm
The Parkers School Of Hard Knocks
Kim causes static at a local radio station.
11:30 pm
The Parkers Can Two Wrongs Make A Right
A drunken party could cost Nikki a scholarship.
12:00 am
The Parkers She's Positive
T's new girlfriend hides a devastating secret.
12:30 am
The Parkers Judge Not A Book
Nikki writes a hot book about the Professor.
01:00 am
Moesha This Time You've Gone Too Far
Moesha takes a road trip over the border and parties Tijuana style.
01:30 am
Moesha Body Language
Moesha gets a tattoo without her parents' permission.
02:00 am
Moesha Pajama Jam
Moesha attends a sleepover in Malibu- only to find out it's a co-ed pajama jam.
02:30 am
Moesha A House is Not a Home
Moesha declares her independence and moves out of the house.