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WEEK OF February 08-14
Saturday 02/13
07:00 am
Family Ties Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only The Messenger
Skippy's heartthrob falls for Alex when he tries to play matchmaker.
07:30 am
Family Ties Help Wanted
Steven doesn't have the heart to fire their new, incompetent housekeeper
08:00 am
Family Ties Karen 11, Alex 0
Alex invites their good-looking housekeeper to his fraternity pledge dance.
08:30 am
Family Ties Oh Donna
Alex befriends a young, unwed expectant mother and plans her future.
09:00 am
Growing Pains The Weekend Fantasy
When Jason and Maggie leave Mike in charge for the weekend while they return to a romantic hide-away they found 15 years ago, they can't stop worrying about their children. Dennis Haysbert guest stars.
09:30 am
Growing Pains Slice of Life
Mike tries to convince his parents to provide him karate lessons to impress a girl. Ben attempts to get into a world record book, and Maggie and Jason take a compatibility test.
10:00 am
Growing Pains Carol's Crush
When the son of a family friend visits, Carol becomes enamored of him and learns the meaning of heartache.
10:30 am
Growing Pains Dirt Bike
Ben sells his dreams to his sister Carol for a school research project. Mike disobeys his parents and rides a dirt bike, but gets injured in an accident.
11:00 am
Sister, Sister Stop In The Name of Fun
All work and no play makes Tia a dull girl... until Tamera signs her up for a spot on an MTV talent show!
11:30 am
Sister, Sister Home Court Advantage
Lisa's charged with sexual harassment from a former employee; Tyreke's ego is bruised when Tia's the hero in a foiled purse-snatching.
12:00 pm
Sister, Sister We Are Family
Ray's run for State Senate has his family up in arms after their lives become an open book in the press.
12:30 pm
Sister, Sister The Grass is Always Finer
Tia's crush on a handsome teacher leaves her shaken, stirred, and on the rocks with her boyfriend.
01:00 pm
Moesha Q's Coming to Dinner
Frank puts Moesha's boyfriend on the hot seat when she has him over for dinner to meet the family.
01:30 pm
Moesha Mentor
Moesha tastes the sweet fruit of revenge when she raids a cantankerous old woman's orange tree for all the years she terrorized the neighborhood kids.
02:00 pm
Moesha Break a Leg
Myles' overnight stardom takes a terrible toll on Moesha and the family.
02:30 pm
Moesha Who's Moved the Charity Stripe
When his GPA takes a plunge, Q, a star player on the basketball team is placed on academic probation by Dee, and pulled from the roster during the city finals.
03:00 pm
Moesha Back to Africa
Moesha's friends hold a fundraiser for her, so she can go on a trip to Africa.
03:30 pm
Moesha Strike a Pose
Dee tries to relive her dream of being a high fashion model through Moesha. Robin Givens guest stars.
04:00 pm
Nikki and Oglevee try to recapture their youth.
04:30 pm
The Parkers Mama, I Want To Sing
Nikki has the hots for her new church pastor.
05:00 pm
The Parkers Field Of Dreams
Nikki discovers a shocking family secret.
05:30 pm
The Parkers Blind Date Mistake
Nikki and Kim appear on 'Blind Date.'
06:00 pm
The Parkers Who's Your Mama?
Nikki is told that she may not be Kim's mother.
06:30 pm
The Parkers Hands Off, Grandma
Nikki's Nana becomes her romantic rival.
07:00 pm
Lincoln Heights Disarmed - NEW
Eddie works to prevent the release of Tate Jackson, the man that ordered the hit on his mother, from jail. He ends up having to resort to going to Ruben to cut a deal for his help. Jenn and the mothers' group organize a block party fundraiser to help Momma Taylor save her house from foreclosure, but Reverend Kingston gets the church to help by taking over the loan. Sabrina Gasper tries to sleep with Charles, but Cassie and Charles turn the tables on her. Lizzie and Devin share a kiss before she finds out that Johnny Nightingale was killed by a hit and run driver.
08:00 pm
Lincoln Heights Ode to Joy - NEW
Eddie and Lund find the person responsible for killing Johnny Nightingale. Lizzie questions her faith after the tragedy so the Suttons decide to go to Mrs. Hammond for grief counseling. Naomi, Jenn's estranged half-sister, arrives in town and has an immediate attraction to Lund while questioning Jenn's decision to have a family and skip medical school. After Tay accepts that Devin taking Lizzie on a date wasn't the cause of Johnny's death, he and Devin work on a song to remember Johnny Nightingale. Charles and Cassie contemplate marriage. Jenn walks in on Sage in bed with Danny, the manager from the Rev, and asks Eddie to tell Lund.
09:00 pm
Lincoln Heights The Price You Pay - NEW
Reverend Kingston has plans to build a shopping complex on the peace park and enlists Eddie's help with swaying the community - but it turns out to be a trick. Jenn, Cassie and the mothers group organize a protest that goes awry, and Eddie and Charles end up in jail. Eddie is suspended until everything settles down. Tay meets a cute girl, Kendra, when he sneaks out to the recording studio. When he comes home drunk after drinking from a random cup at the studio, Jenn and Eddie decide to send him to rehab so he can see what happens when you really get addicted. Back home, Lizzie and Jenn try to figure out where Hazel Glass, a delusional old woman who keeps wandering into their home, has come from. They take a journey through her memories and learn more about their house's history than they could have imagined.
10:00 pm
Lincoln Heights Prom Night - NEW
It's prom time and this year the theme is green. Jenn and Eddie agree to chaperone although she has low expectations based on her own past prom experience. While Eddie tries to deal with his suspension, he follows a tip on Kingston but ends up being framed for setting fire to a condemned warehouse. He and Nathaniel Ray investigate what Kingston is up to while trying not to caught. Charles suspects Sabrina Gasper is back stalking him but it turns out to be his dad, Mac. Tay gets to go to the prom as Stacy's date since he wouldn't ask the girl he likes, but is happy to find Kendra (from the recording studio) there with her brother's band. While Charles and Sage dance as Homecoming King and Queen, Cassie wanders outside so she doesn't have to watch. Mac tries to kidnap Cassie but Tay hears her calling for help and saves the day. Back home, Lizzie hangs out with Devin but realizes she misses Johnny Nightingale more than she realized when faced with Devin's feelings for her.
11:00 pm
Candy Meyers is a successful anchor on a top-rated national magazine show. Fierce, independent and committed to her job Candy can see only one thing missing from her life; her birth mother. Now, Candy will take a journey into her past that will change her life forever. ABFF winner.
01:00 am
Ryan and Sebastian seem to have it all - a successful practice, best-selling books and an Emmy-nominated TV show. Behind the scenes, however, their relationship is falling apart and are keeping up appearances to save their lucrative careers. When the truth is suddenly exposed, Ryan and Sebastian must face the public, the truth and each other to try and save not only their careers - but their marriage.