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Episode 100

Expecting gives audiences a peek into one of life’s rawest and most exciting journeys in a never-before-seen television event. With unprecedented intimacy, we witness the highs and lows as different couples, along with their families and friends, experience the journey to parenthood with no camera crews or producers. Using Go-Pros, fixed rigs, and self-shot confessionals, Expecting brings viewers a ground-breaking way to experience reality TV.

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One couple has just completed a major life milestone when they’re blindsided by a positive pregnancy test, while another adventurous twosome, who felt destined for a life together, find new frontiers – and a baby moose – while pregnant in Alaska.

One family with a difficult start to their pregnancy journey plans an epic gender reveal – which ends in fireworks, while a farming couple is pregnant at the busiest time of their year, where they help run a pumpkin patch and a world record corn maze.

While a young couple’s plans for a new life in a new city with a new baby are derailed by unexpected illness, a vibrant LA actress, who is juggling work, motherhood and a Masters degree, gets some jaw-dropping pregnancy news.

A former Olympian and her husband find that things get complicated in the delivery suite, while a unique, loving household which has grown through a variety of ways, now plans to add to their family via embryo adoption.

One couple’s long distance relationship makes it frustratingly hard to fulfill their dream of becoming parents, while a Midwestern twosome finds their fun-loving lifestyle drastically changed by some unexpected pregnancy news.

A positive pregnancy test and surprising ultrasound interrupt the destination-wedding plans of two bodybuilders, while a young Montana couple works through both the anxiety of trying to conceive, and the reality of giving birth.

A young couple learns they’re expecting their first child after suffering an unforeseen loss, while a Michigan couple adds to their family in a shocking way when they beat 1 in 70,000 odds.

A former NFL player and his fiancée face the realities of trying to plan for a wedding and a new baby at the same time, while a couple with a long history of losses do their best to stay hopeful when their pregnancy hits a road bump.

Two active young skateboarders embrace pregnancy with the ultimate relaxed attitude until their baby has other ideas, while a fitness professional and a metal musician try to strike their own balance between over-preparing and going with the flow.